Another 52 guitars—the summary

It was an interesting year for this series. Off to a late start, infrequent posting patterns and the challenge that was finding 52 guitars that didn’t repeat with the guitars captured the first time I wrote about wanting 52 guitars.

Still, we got to this place in the series—the summary. The collection of all 52 guitars desired in 2020. Hopefully, enjoyed and desired by you as well.

For those of you who were not here at the beginning of the theme, the goal was to find another 52 guitars that each offered at least one thing that I didn’t already have in a guitar I already owned. That could be a pickup brand, a body shape, a material choice or anything else that would be unique to my experience in guitar ownership.

This list covered many new and interesting guitar features for me. It also reminded me just how many guitar luthiers/creators are out there. I encourage you to check them out and see what they have to offer. There’s a whole new world of guitar fascination out there.

Anyhow, here is the list of guitars I drooled over in 2020.

Another 52 guitars—the summary

  1. Palm Bay Guitars Avalanche AXX1
  2. Manson Guitar Works MA EVO 2019
  3. Schwung Crossover ivory Shark
  4. Harmony Guitars Silhouette
  5. LT Custom Guitars ‘JM’
  6. OD Guitars Venus
  7. Dean Zelinsky LaVoce
  8. Chapman Guitars ML2 Modern
  9. Jackson Rhoads RRXT24-7
  10. Vandermeij Guitars–the Majistra
  11. Ormsby Guitars TX GTR
  12. Prestige Guitars DC Coupe Ace MB
  13. Solar Guitars A1.6C Carbon Matte Black
  14. Fender Jim Root Jazzmaster v4
  15. Lionheart Guitars Balkatora Eye of Kala IV
  16. Grainger Guitars Hades
  17. B.C. Rich Mockingbird Extreme with Evertune bridge
  18. JHALE Guitars NoneMoreBlack
  19. Baum Wingman
  20. C.R. Alsip Guitars Tejas-T
  21. Stone Wolf Guitars Ikara
  22. Michael Kelly Hybrid 55
  23. Wylde Audio Nomad
  24. PRS Guitars SE Hollowbody II
  25. Aristides Instruments 060
  26. Crimson Guitars Raw Series Descendant Copper Rodded Model
  27. Sully Guitars Supernova
  28. ARDA Martyr II Custom-Fire and Blood
  29. Mayones Legend T22
  30. LSL Instruments Topanga
  31. Framus Pro Series Devin Townsend Stormbender
  32. AVA Guitars Coal Skin
  33. Alquier Guitars Space Wow
  34. Shabat Guitars Lion Deluxe
  35. Soultool Katana
  36. Sandoval Dot V
  37. EVH Striped Series
  38. Aviator Custom Guitars Warbird
  39. Koll Guitars Super Glide Almighty
  40. Anderson Guitarworks Bobcat
  41. Rivolta Guitars Combinata VII
  42. Prisma Guitars Diavolo
  43. Frank Brothers Guitars Arcade
  44. Hamer Archtop
  45. Equilibrium Guitars Masai
  46. Sturner Guitars 1129
  47. McSwain Guitars Fear and Loathing
  48. PJD Guitars Carey Elite
  49. Lava Drops White Mist Flamed Maple Drop
  50. Springer Guitars Seraph
  51. Koloss GT-4 Guitar Kit
  52. FU-Tone FU PRo Guitars

There you have it. Another 52 guitars—exactly as the series title had been suggesting throughout 2020. The majority of these guitars also came from manufacturers not captured in the original 52 Guitars article series.

I wonder if there’s another series to capture in future years? How many luthiers have I not yet discovered? Know of some? Comment below 🙂

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