Another 52 Guitars, week 14—Fender Jim Root Jazzmaster v4

The first time I did this 52 guitars thing, I had a Telecaster in the list that was a Jim Root signature model. Later on when I did the 52 amplifiers series, I had a Jim Root signature model amplifier. Now I’m not the world’s great Slipknot or Stone Sour fan, but I will say this … Jim Root knows good gear.

Jim Root’s new Fender Jazzmaster v4 is no exception. Matter of a fact, I think it’s his best signature model yet. This guitar looks amazing.

Quickly revisiting the things that all guitars have in common in this year’s series—if you’ve not been one of the three people perusing the series so far this year—here’s a list of features I don’t currently have in a guitar of my own.

  • Jazzmaster body shape
  • Daemonum™ open-coil EMG® active pickups
  • A Fender signature model

That’s it. But that’s enough. Why, you may ask? Good question valued reader! Here are my answers.

No tone controls. They’re rubbish. Turn the volume up and get your tone from your amplifier. I have one guitar like this and I love its simplicity.

No tremolo. I’m not a lead guitarist. I just love to riff. This guitar is made for that. It’s a perfect setup.

Finally, it’s white. Regular visitors here know I prefer to own only black or white guitars. This again meets that guideline to a T.

One thing I will expand on is the second item in the I don’t have this list above. Those EMG pickups are pickups I believe very few people have currently in any guitar. They’re new signature pickups that Jim Root and EMG collaborated on. If they’re anything like Jim’s other signature outings, they’re sure to rock.

Thinking about it, I should sell some gear to start a collection of Jim Root signature gear. It’s all pretty much to my liking. At least I eventually bought the Squier neck for my own Fender Squire Telecaster.

Anyhow, enough words. Want to see and hear the new Fender Jim Root Jazzmaster v4 in action? Well, check this video out.

Enjoy six minutes of guitar admiration with Jim Root.

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