Custom branded T-shirt from Sticker Mule

I’ve dabbled in a couple of custom branded T-shirts for myself in the last year with varied results. My main gamble was not knowing the companies I was buying from—mostly due to me not being in the need of custom branded T-shirts too often. When I noticed that the folks at Sticker Mule now do custom branded T-shirts for under $20USD, I felt it was time to try a third provider. A provider I already knew!

If you missed it, I’ve already written about my love of the sticker offerings at Sticker Mule. I’d ordered two different sets of die-cut stickers and loved the end results. This existing happiness was what made me feel comfortable trying their T-shirts. Quality aside, I was already familiar with their online proofing process. That part is as simple and speedy with their T-shirts as it is with their stickers.


Before I get into the T-shirt I received, I will point out the only real downside to the whole ordering process of the shirt I received. The current international mailing system. Clearly, that’s not something you can blame Sticker Mule for. To their credit, they provided free shipping—with tracking—that allowed me to watch them dispatch the T-shirt very quickly so that the USA to Australia postal system could do its thing. I’m just not sure what that thing is.

Anyhow …

Once the T-shirt arrived, I was fairly excited. The suspense had created quite the air of anticipation. I won’t do the whole unboxing thing, but here’s what was inside my courier-delivered parcel.

Sticker Mule custom stickers delivery bag (with custom branded T-shirt inside)

A giant Sticker Mule custom printed stickers bag! I know what you might be thinking … there aren’t stickers in there! This guy ordered a T-shirt! Well, don’t you worry about that. With the T-shirt that was inside the bag, I also received a couple of free stickers and a drink coaster.

The labeling was therefore accurate.

Onto the T-shirt. It’s awesome. Partially because it has the design that I had sent them on it, but also because the T-shirt itself is cool. It’s a very comfortable material and the design I’d provided for my newish Guitar Fascination website—shoutout to myself—doesn’t feel like a 70s style iron-on transfer that will fall off the T-shirt after one wash.

My Guitar Fascination branding on a Sticker Mule custom T-shirt

Because the delivery process took a while, I’d forgotten about the fact that the T-shirts are tagless. Printed inside the shirt is a nifty little Sticker Mule logo and the size of your T-shirt—yes, I’m a big guy. I’m now a big guy not suffering from an itchy neck thanks to pesky T-shirt tags.

So, would I buy another Sticker Mule custom T-shirt? Yes, I would. Chances are I will. I just need to come up with another funky design of my own to print. After all, these T-shirts are the same price* as buying someone else’s design on a store-bought T-shirt. I’d rather wear my own designs thank you very much.

Now I can.

If you also want to give the T-shirts or stickers at Sticker Mule a go, feel free to use the referral link below. If you spend more than $10USD, you get a $10USD credit (as do I). We all win.

* Here in Australia, these T-shirts cost $25AUD (including free delivery). That’s the same price as a T-shirt in a lot of local bricks-and-mortar stores.

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