52 pedals—the summary

I’ll be honest with you. I didn’t know how much harder 52 pedal manufacturers was going to be when compared to last year’s 52 amplifiers. I fell behind on my weekly posting schedule—the real world can be such a needy thing—and finding so many different manufacturers who were all providing something that appealed to me in a way no other pedal manufacturer was proved to be a lot more time consuming than I had anticipated. Having said all of that, I’m glad I persevered. I’ve put together a list I’m proud of that is hopefully going to be of use to other guitar gear addicts.

So, 52 different pedal manufacturers all offering that something special in an attempt to gain access to your valuable pedalboard real estate. If you had to choose one new pedal, what company would you choose a pedal from? What pedal would you go for first? Me, I’d certainly make it one of the following 52 pedals. At least one … 52 pedals—the summary

52 pedals, week 52—Wren and Cuff Mercy Phuk

Oh, you have no idea how much I’ve been waiting for this entry to the 52 Pedals series. This is the last entry so I had to end on a high. That could have been tricky though. All of this research and writing tires me so. I’m worn out. I feel under-appreciated. I need something to make me feel once again motivated, powerful and loved. Clearly, I need someone to give me a Mercy Phuk.

You have no idea how much I’ve been looking forward to that last sentence. 52 pedals, week 52—Wren and Cuff Mercy Phuk

52 pedals, week 51—Lovepedal Hermida EPH-3 Tape Sim Delay

I know I’ve had a huge overdrive and distortion preference in this series of 52 pedals, but I couldn’t let myself end the series without one final modulation pedal. It would of course have to be another pedal that works well with a distorted tone. So, without further delay, let’s add the Hermida EPH-3 Tape Sim Delay pedal by Lovepedal.

I guess I did just add further delay. Oh well … 52 pedals, week 51—Lovepedal Hermida EPH-3 Tape Sim Delay

52 pedals, week 50—Behringer Vintage Distortion VD1

As I realised I was coming to the end of my search for 52 different pedal manufacturers, I reached out to my Twitter friends for suggestions on potential pedals I’d overlooked. One suggestion was Behringer. I was familiar with the company name and did go through their BOSS-style pedal range when looking for a potential pedal to include in this list. That was too easy though. And to be honest, too ordinary. The Vintage Distortion pedal however … That ticked quite a few boxes for me. Which is handy, because it’s clearly in the list. You can tell because you’re here right now reading about it. 52 pedals, week 50—Behringer Vintage Distortion VD1

52 pedals, week 49—Mojo Hand FX Dewdrop Reverb

Well I guess not all of my final pedal entries for the 52 Pedals series need to be overdrive or distortion pedals. No, sometimes I like to add other effects to my overdrive and distortion effects. But even if you’re not as addicted to the metal as I am, a damn good reverb sound can be an impressive addition to your sound palette.

It sounds fancy when you say it like that. The Mojo Hand FX Dewdrop Reverb looks and sounds fancy to me. I could see myself loving it. 52 pedals, week 49—Mojo Hand FX Dewdrop Reverb

52 pedals, week 48—Mission Engineering Delta III

There’s no point trying to hide it any further. I’m addicted to distortion pedals. There are so many different kinds. There are so many different manufacturers. I initially was attempting to make my mission 52 different guitar pedals all of varying types and manufacturers. The more I researched the more the mission changed. The mission became a search for the best distortion pedal. It was accidental. I didn’t set out to engineer these results. If I had, I’d have started with the Mission Engineering Delta III because … Mission. Engineering.

Oh well, I gave this intro a shot. 52 pedals, week 48—Mission Engineering Delta III

52 pedals, week 47—Red Witch Seven Sisters (Ivy)

I’ve realised lately that with so many different guitar pedals out there, one thing we all need to keep in mind is pedal board real estate. Well, if you’re like me and want to experiment with several different pedals you do. So unless you want to build a pedal board that is roughly the size of a N.A.S.A. styled control panel from a 60s science fiction movie, you’re going to need the occasional small pedal. But it will need to be a pedal that proves that old saying true. The saying that says “Good things come in small packages”. Not the old saying that says “Age is a very high price to pay for maturity”. That one has nothing to do with this article and nothing to do with me—I lack maturity.

A guitar pedal that does prove good things can come in small packages however is the Red Witch Seven Sisters—Ivy. That’s why it’s the 47th pedal in this series. Yay! 52 pedals, week 47—Red Witch Seven Sisters (Ivy)

52 pedals, week 46—Ogre Tubeholic Overdrive

Today’s entry in the 52 Pedals series follows not one, but two recent trends I’ve had going. Firstly, this is an overdrive pedal. Secondly, it’s another pedal I came across at the 2015 Winter NAMM. How I miss Winter NAMM and America.

This pedal though was quite unique. At first glance it doesn’t even look like a pedal. It looks like something that should have instead been at a Sci-Fi convention. That’s what drew me to it. Then I saw the name. As someone who likes to make up words, the Tubeholic appealed to me greatly. Nice work Ogre. This pedal looks fantastarific! 52 pedals, week 46—Ogre Tubeholic Overdrive

52 pedals, week 45—Rockbox Brown Sugar

Guess what?! I’ve saved another pedal discovery from the 2015 Winter NAMM Show for the end of the 52 Pedals series. I’m so sneaky. This pedal is shockingly an overdrive style guitar pedal. I’ve pretty much given up on looking at pedals that don’t enhance my overdriven or distorted tones.

Oh, I should point out that when I say discovery I am referring to the fact that the pedal was a discovery for me. I didn’t discover this pedal some some kind of Captain Cook of the guitar world. Although Captain Cook didn’t discover something that people before him didn’t know about. Huh … I guess I am like Captain Cook. I’m more piratey though.

And on that note … “Arrrrh! That be the Rockbox Brown Sugar pedal and I likes it!” 52 pedals, week 45—Rockbox Brown Sugar

52 pedals, week 44—Nemphasis Dark Lady ‘Red Knobs’ Distortion

The year is coming to an end and so to is my 52 pedals series. I’ve been slack with my post regularity, but the pedals that would appear in the list have been planned—for the most part—since the beginning of the year. How can I prove this? By writing about a pedal I actually tried at the 2015 Winter NAMM Show. Damn, Winter NAMM 2015 was a highlight for me this year. I have to do that again before I die. Well, maybe a different NAMM unless I figure out time travel.

Oh, the pedal I am writing about is the Nemphasis Dark Lady ‘Red Knobs’ Distortion. I actually have first hand experience with this one! 52 pedals, week 44—Nemphasis Dark Lady ‘Red Knobs’ Distortion