52 Amplifiers—the summary

Another year and another 52 series completed. Who knew there’d be 52 different amplifier head manufacturers out there able to produce high quality amplifier heads (all tube) that would match my home playing/recording needs? I sure didn’t. Obviously I was hopeful—imagine how lame a 52 article series would be with ten articles in it—but I sure wasn’t confident initially.

Luckily the Interwebs and the many talented tube head amplifier manufacturers came to save the day. In the end I—no, we—end up with this list of 52 amplifier head options for people like me who are searching for their first low wattage and/or affordable all-tube amplifier head. Or all-valve if that’s the lingo your prefer. I go both ways (talking tubes/valves here).

So, onto the complete list.

  1. Blackstar HT Metal 1H
  2. Vox Lil’ Night Train
  3. Egnater Tweaker
  4. Two Rock Exo-15
  5. Ibanez TSA15H
  6. Marshall DSL15H
  7. Orange Signature #4 Jim Root Terror Head
  8. Hiwatt T10HD
  9. Reeves Custom 12
  10. Matamp Mini-Pro
  11. Ampeg GVT5H
  12. Jet City 20HV
  13. Hughes and Kettner TM-5
  14. THD Univalve
  15. Fender Super Champ X2
  16. Mesa Boogie Transatlantic TA-15
  17. Line6 DT25
  18. Mooer Little Monster BM
  19. Dr J D-0 Pedal Lover
  20. Divided by 13 CCC 9/15
  21. Blackheart BH5H
  22. Dr.Z M12
  23. Laney Cub
  24. Randall RD5H
  25. DV Mark Galileo 15
  26. Suhr Corso
  27. Palmer PEINS
  28. Traynor DH15H
  29. Peavey Valveking Micro-head
  30. VHT Special 6 Ultra Head
  31. The Valve 105 ‘Bimbo’ Head
  32. Hayden Mini MoFo Head
  33. Carvin V3M
  34. Diamond Amplification Positron
  35. Kustom Defender 5H
  36. Silverblade Hellhound 20
  37. Mack Heatseeker HS-18
  38. Revolution Bully-XX
  39. Swart ST-Stereo Head
  40. ENGL Gigmaster 15 Head E315
  41. Carlsbro EVO 15H
  42. Koch Studiotone
  43. Sherlock Amplifiers Angry Ant
  44. 3rd Power Dream Solo 2
  45. Friedman The Pink Taco
  46. Bogner AT-MA
  47. Z.VEX Amps The Nano Head
  48. Victory V30 The Countess
  49. Carl’s Custom Amps Lite 18 Watt Plexi Amp
  50. Bugera G5 Infinium
  51. Rivera Pubster 25
  52. EVH 5150III 50-Watt Head

There you have it. 52 different amplifier heads (all using tubes or valves) for you to consider as your first (or next) amplifier head. Obviously (as stated at the end of most individual articles), I can’t attest to which amplifier head is the best, but I do have my top 4. In no particular order, they would be:

  • Bugera G5 Infinium (approx $500AUD)
  • Peavey Valveking Micro-head (approx $575AUD)
  • Blackstar HT Metal 1H (approx $380AUD)
  • Marshall DSL15H (approx $600AUD)

All four of those fit my original scope. They’re small (wattage), all-tube and under $1000AUD. Not quite making the price point, but highly impressive (in my books) are the Suhr Corsa and the Carvin V3M. They are awesome looking and sounding amplifiers. Maybe they’ll be second or third in my all-tube collection one day.

I’ll hopefully be buying something from this list. If I don’t it would be because I’ve since discovered something better and still within the price range (I’m looking at you Blackstar HT Metal 5H). I don’t know how soon in the year, but sometime in 2015 the purchase will be made.

Now to work out the best cabinet to buy. Suggestions?

7 thoughts on “52 Amplifiers—the summary

  1. Man what a great list. Wish I had had something like this when I was in the market for my first tube amp. I had pretty much the same criteria you have listed for yours. I ended up “settling” for a Jet City 22h head. That was about 2 years ago. I say settling only because while I still have the amp, and love it, I am now in the market for something to compliment it. Something that isn’t as muddy with the gain cranked. But it’s a great, and highly modifiable amp for the price. Thanks for the great read!

    1. Thanks for the comment/compliment! And thanks for the information on the Jet City. After all the research I ended up buying a combo believe it or not. It was too difficult to decide and for the price, the Randall RD5C gives me the tone I prefer (metal).

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