52 pedals, week 1—BOSS DM-2W Delay

Every year I like to challenge myself to find 52 different guitar related items from a theme. Two years ago it was 52 guitars. Last year it was 52 amplifier heads. This year I’ve decided to write about 52 different guitar pedals. Knowing this would be the theme, I decided a few days ago to ask folks on social media for suggestions. I just didn’t let people know why I was asking. Evil right?

I asked the same question on Instagram. One suggestion I ended up with was delay. Many individual models of delay were suggested, but I decided to focus on one of the more recent models—the DM-2W—because it’s a very nice blend of old and new.

Let the next 52 article series begin.

Back in 1984, BOSS discontinued their popular DM-2 Delay pedal. Since then, delay enthusiasts have been trying to source one of these collectors pedals for themselves. Rather than just recreate the pedals of old though, BOSS introduced the WAZA CRAFT series which added the Standard and Custom modes (which you can easily switch between). The Standard mode recreates the tones of the original pedal while the Custom mode introduces new and exciting nuances to the delay pedal.

Sounds cool to me. As I mentioned above, I love a combination of old and new. It’s a lot like me.

What controls are included in the DM-2W? Well that’s a great question and provides me with the perfect reason to include a list. Because I love a good list.

  • Repeat/Rate
  • Echo
  • Intensity
  • Two output jacks
  • Single input
  • Expression pedal input to control the rate.

Sweetwater have put together a very good demonstration video of all three WAZA CRAFT BOSS pedals. I’ve embedded the video so that it starts right at the DM-2W section.

I do have some BOSS delay action in my gear collection already thanks to my ME-50 pedal unit. But I’ve recently rediscovered that love for individual pedals and the versatility of the custom pedal board. I think having a versatile delay like the DM-2W would work perfectly with that mindset.

Yeah, I’m very sure this would be an awesome addition to my pedal board. It makes sense for me to start my pedal journey here. After all, my pedal collection began with a BOSS pedal. And I still have that DS-1 today.

Disclaimer: I’ve not played this guitar pedal. I have not experienced first-hand the sound or effects of this guitar pedal. That doesn’t matter. It looks awesome, it’s obviously played by winners and I want one.

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