52 Guitars—the summary

It took a year, but I managed to finish my series on 52 Guitars. It probably took a year because I decided to write an article each week, but I was dedicated. Some said I couldn’t do it and some didn’t care. Regardless, I did it and my website has more content than it’s ever had before. If you’ve followed at all, you now have a list of 52 guitar manufacturers. That’s right. I didn’t just select 52 guitars from the top five guitar manufacturers, I went out there and researched some luthiers I’d never heard of until this year. 2013 made me a better guitar fan. It also saw me finally receive a new guitar. 2013 was way better than 2012.

I really look forward to 2014. I hope to see you there. Actually, I can’t see you, but I hope to see evidence of your visit through my website analytics.

Here’s the list (in week order)!

  1. Kramer Baretta (The ’84)
  2. Carvin JB200C Jason Becker Tribute
  3. Dreamer D-Pro
  4. Moniker Guitars
  5. Ash Customworks Diablo
  6. Eastwood Airline 3P DLX
  7. Ormsby Guitars DC Artist
  8. Dingwall Guitars Custom II
  9. The Tour Bus Guitar
  10. PRS Dave Navarro Signature
  11. Framus Hollywood SC Black
  12. Peavey Predator Plus ST
  13. Squier J5 Telecaster
  14. LTD Snakebyte
  15. Gretsch G6128T-DCM Duo Jet
  16. FGN Expert Elan Dark Evolution
  17. Musicvox Space Cadet 6 String
  18. Music Man Armada
  19. Viktorian Ruth
  20. Gibson Explorer Tremolo
  21. Jackson Adrian Smith Signature San Dimas
  22. Ibanez DN300
  23. Charvel Pro Stock DS2
  24. Epiphone G-400 Pro
  25. Dean Guitars Dave Mustaine Zero Classic Black
  26. Taylor Solid Body (SB2-S)
  27. Legator Helio H200
  28. Chubbuck Guitars Hollowbody Mousa 2
  29. Kauer Guitars Daylighter
  30. Washburn Guitars Paul Stanley PS1800CM
  31. SGC Guitars Tomcat Stripe
  32. Mayones Legend 22 Katatonia
  33. GJ2 Concorde
  34. Cort Viva Custom
  35. G&L Tribute Series Fiorano GTS
  36. Gittler Guitar
  37. Reverend Manta Ray HB
  38. Daisy Rock Bangles Signature Guitar
  39. Normandy Guitars Chrome Archtop
  40. Aristides 010 Matt White
  41. Codella Guitars
  42. Tao Guitars El Mirage
  43. Ethan Hart EH-21-WH
  44. Halo Goliath Baritone
  45. Grosh Guitars Sunset ’79
  46. Buddy Blaze Guitars K2 Model 2H
  47. Fender Jim Root Telecaster
  48. Schecter Jeff Loomis JLV-7 NT
  49. James Trussart Steeldeville
  50. Collings SoCo 16 LC
  51. Knaggs Guitars Influence Electric ‘Kenai’ (Tier: 3)
  52. Maton Guitars MS500 HC

As I mentioned before the list, I purchased a new guitar in 2013. It was actually one of the guitars in my list. It was from my week 4—Moniker Guitars article. I love my custom Reedsdale and I’ve been incredibly happy with both the guitar and the experience I’ve had so far with the people at Moniker Guitars.

If I hadn’t gone down the path of a Moniker Guitar this year, I think it would have been a tough decision to choose from the other 51 guitars in my list. Having said that, I’d say other contenders would have been the Dreamer D-Pro, the SGC Guitars Tomcat Stripe and the GJ2 Concorde. Those three guitars made me drool this year. Not a good look, but with guitars as good as those, I don’t care.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the series. Who knows, next year I may return with 52 pedals or 52 amp heads. I’m undecided right now. Either way, happy New Year to you all.

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