52 Guitars, week 5—Ash Customworks Diablo

I generally spend quite a bit of time each week looking for the guitar I’ll feature in my next wishlist article. This week, I let the powers of the Interweb—the social media subset in particular—do the work for me. I did that by paying attention to what other people were recommending in regards to what guitar is awesome. Tsuken—who I know from Twitter and a couple of other places—has mentioned Ash Customworks a couple of times that I’ve seen and I decided to check them out. I’m glad I did. Their guitars generally look amazing and the Diablo, looks irresistable.

I love it when a double cutaway guitar has a beautiful symmetric design. I don’t believe symmetry always works in a guitar, but in the case of the Diablo, I think it works perfectly. I’m not sure how customisable the Diablo’s neck is, but from the images I’ve managed to find online you may be able to get a symmetrical headstock (if you get a six string model) or the headstock design you can see in the image below (for a seven string model). The six string version would be ideal for me.

What I find most ideal though is the custom aspect of the Diablo’s components. The shape may be predetermined, but everything else seems to be up to you—the custom guitar purchaser. You can choose from an impressive range of pickups (including DiMarzio, Bare Knuckle Pickups and Seymour Duncan), multiple bridge types (including Floyd Rose style and sting-through-body types) and an options style that ranges from Junior to Supreme. Who doesn’t love a bit of variety?! I know I love it.

If the features or pictures of the Diablo don’t impress you, the description on the official Diablo website should. Any guitar that is described as the fattest, most pregnant metal sound and unreal tone made of pure ground ogre balls is a winner in my opinion. Brilliant.

Disclaimer: I’ve not played this guitar. I have not experienced the sound or feel of this guitar. That doesn’t matter. It looks awesome, it’s obviously played by winners and I want one.

Ash Customworks Diablo
Ash Customworks Diablo

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