Campfire Classic by Campfire Guitar

A few weeks back I was sent a Campfire Classic guitar to review. The Campfire Classic is the acoustic guitar you can purchase from the folks at Campfire Guitar. I’ve mentioned them and their lesson plan already and written about how impressed I was with the guitar they’d sent me. What I hadn’t really done though was provided any evidence other than the words and imagery I’d provided in the two articles I just cleverly referenced.

Today that changes thanks to a video/audio combination I put together. Campfire Classic by Campfire Guitar

Moniker Guitars releases a saucy new Kickstarter campaign

Disclaimer: I make no apologies for the puns that will fill this article. You have been warned.

People who see my custom Reedsdale by Moniker Guitars often grill me on where I purchased the guitar. Obviously I purchased it from those crazy Texans at Moniker Guitars. Perhaps because they’re from Texas, they realise there is a lot at steak while running a custom guitar business that ships world wide. Such businesses are rare in this industry and they’re doing everything in their power to make sure this business is well done.

To ensure this happens, Moniker Guitars needs your help with their new Texas BBQ Kickstarter campaign. Now the meat references should make sense. And they’re not about to stop. Moniker Guitars releases a saucy new Kickstarter campaign

GuitarCapo+ video review (of sorts)

I’ve written about GuitarCapo+ before and it sure has advanced since then. Now it’s not only an amazing virtual instrument, but it’s a priceless educational tool for guitarists both young and old. I’m also pleased to say that the developer of this app is welcoming of constructive criticism. As a fan of the app it’s encouraging to see your suggestions are listened to and implemented (if sensible).

I have some crazy ideas from time to time. GuitarCapo+ video review (of sorts)

The Grover Jackson Story—Indie Go Go movie campaign

My love affair with guitars began when I first heard Eddie Van Halen’s Eruption. I’d loved Rock well before that (most likely starting with KISS when I was roughly 10 years old), but hearing what Eddie Van Halen did blew my mind. After that I went searching for many other similar guitarists to admire. Steve Vai, Dave Mustaine and Randy Rhoads were a few of the guitarists that also made my jaw drop—especially Randy Rhoads. One thing all of these guitarists had in common was Grover Jackson. Grover Jackson built guitars for all of these exceptional guitar players.

That’s only one small part of the Grover Jackson story that I am aware of. With over 40 years of the luthier business under his belt, Grover is today’s modern guitar building hero (in my eyes). Now thanks to a new Indie Go Go campaign, the full story has the chance to become a truly rockin’ documentary. This is a story that I’m keen to see and hear. The Grover Jackson Story—Indie Go Go movie campaign

Ferro Kings Liquid Pickups (plus Booster campaign)

I’ve mentioned a few times before that I like a good piece of guitar innovation. In fact, I know I’ve already said that today in my previous article here. Ferro Kings Liquid Pickups seems to be another great example of the sonic possibilities the guitar is yet to produce. Products like this help my arguments for additional guitars. So I love products like this!

The Ferro Kings Liquid Pickups are something I discovered on the GuitaristGuild forum (great forum. Go join now). I should mention that I do know this isn’t a new thing. Ferro Kings have been working on this since at least 2012. You have to admire that amount of dedication. I’m sure they can smell how close they seem to be. And that is why I’m writing this article today. Ferro Kings Liquid Pickups (plus Booster campaign)

ToneWoodAmp Kickstarter for acoustic guitarists

Some people believe guitars were perfected decades ago. There are also some people who believe that guitars are capable of so much more. Then there are those people who come up with ideas that allow the two worlds to co-exist in a peaceful fashion. In my opinion ToneWoodAmp is one of those awesome pieces of innovation. The ToneWoodAmp device allows you to apply effects and complex soundscapes to an acoustic guitar without the need for a pedalboard or amplifier. All without seriously altering your acoustic guitar. In my opinion the ToneWoodAmp is pure genius. ToneWoodAmp Kickstarter for acoustic guitarists

Campfire Guitars—I wish my first acoustic was like this

If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram then you’ve hopefully caught a few photographs I’ve captured this past week or so. I’ve been playing around with a Campfire Guitars electro-acoustic guitar. If all goes to plan I will have a video review (as much as I’m capable of reviewing through the medium of video at least) in the coming weeks. In the meantime I wanted to share some photographs and a bit of story around my experience with the whole receiving of a couriered guitar scenario.

This is almost an un-boxing article. I’ll try to make it more interesting than that though. Through pictures and words! Campfire Guitars—I wish my first acoustic was like this

Epiphone 2014 Holiday Guide—why am I not American?!

I have an Epiphone. It’s a beautiful guitar and I love it dearly. It’s one of the reasons I follow Epiphone on Facebook. I love seeing what they release each and every year. Recently they released their 2014 Holiday Guide—a collection of guitars and gear under $300USD. As soon as I saw it I asked myself “Why the heck are you not an American?!”

I did not have a decent answer for myself.

But I can dream. Not only can I dream, but I can write about it. So here is my dream wishlist from the Epiphone 2014 Holiday Guide. What would you buy? Or perhaps … What will you buy?! Epiphone 2014 Holiday Guide—why am I not American?!

Goodtime Solana 6 Banjo

I’ve often wanted to play the banjo. My problem is their standard five strings (one of which doesn’t even make it to the headstock) and their non-guitar tunings. Just to reiterate, that’s my problem. I’m not smart enough to work out alternate tunings. But now I don’t have to worry about that because the folks at Deering Banjos have made the Goodtime Solana 6 banjo which is strung and tuned like a standard guitar. Awesome! Goodtime Solana 6 Banjo