Black and White—my first recorded riff with bass

On Boxing Day—or post-Christmas as I sometimes like to call it—I purchased my first bass guitar. It was a cheap bass guitar, but I’m not a professional bass player so I don’t need much. Truth be told, I’m very happy with my purchase. So happy I decided that I needed to play this bass on a guitar track of mine. It was time to dig up an old riff and add another layer to it. Seeing as how the song now has guitar and bass, I decided to call the tune Black and White (the track was previously called Drop D because it is played in drop D tuning—ingeneous). I love both of those non-colours just as much as I love guitar and now, bass.

I shared a few photographs from the day I recorded the track into Reaper on my Tumblr site. It was a joyous day with fun had by all. When I say all, I mean me. This track only features me on guitar and bass as well as drums provided by my handy VST drummer.

Just as I am not a professional bass player, I am also not a professional guitar player, sound engineer or producer. The levels are most likely all wrong in the sample track below, but none-the-less, it’s all genuine. This is me. I hope you enjoy it.

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