Yay! I’ve had a win!

Late last year I entered the StompBox competition with this video entry. Today I discovered I’d won the competition thanks to this handy tweet by the team at 4PocketsAudio. Yay me! I am very keen to get my hands on the Aurora Sound Studio HD app and the iRig HD interface by IK Multimedia. There are other prizes as well and I look forward to working out what I’ll do with those!

I had a blast putting my video together as StompBox is a great app for all guitarists. The sounds and tonal quality of this app are incredibly good in my opinion. Luckily for all, 4PocketsAudio released a free version of their StompBox app for people to try before purchasing the full version. The free version includes Chorus, Delay and Reverb and you can purchase from 16 other effects using in-app add-ons. You can even add other in-app add-ons like the media player, loop station and the 4-track recorder.

When the iRig HD interface arrives I’ll write about it. I imagine it will improve the connection quality I get between the headphone socket interface devices I currently use. Today is a good day. Thanks 4PocketsAudio.

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