StompBox into Meteor Multi Track Recorder

When I got my hands on an iPad, one of the first apps I wanted to try out was StompBox by 4Pockets Audio. I’d seen it in iTunes when I was using the iPhone and admired the way the screenshots replicate the design style I was used to in the PC based VST plugins I had been using (which are often based on the racks and pedalboards of the real world). I was hoping that user interface (UI) would translate into an easy to use application. I wasn’t wrong.

As luck would have it, 4Pockets Audio also made a multitrack recorder—Meteor Multi Track Recorder—which had UI similarities to the PC based DAWs I’d become somewhat familiar with over the last few years. That made this combination seem like a perfect match. Again, I wasn’t wrong.

Surely this couldn’t last. StompBox into Meteor Multi Track Recorder