Final days for the 4PocketsAudio StompBox competition

The 4PocketsAudio StompBox competition has entered its final days. If you haven’t entered yet, make sure you do so now. There are some awesome prizes on offer and the competition is now even easier to enter.

The prizes for the major prize winner are:

That’s everything you need to record your very own musical masterpieces on the iPad. There are also three runner-up prizes and they include:

  • $50 iTunes gift card
  • Free copies of Meteor Multi Track Recorder, Synergy Studio and Aurora Sound Studio HD

Pretty cool right?! And as I mentioned earlier, it’s even easier now. Why you ask? Because 4PocketsAudio has released StompBox Free! StompBox Free allows you to try out StompBox with limited effects. You’ll still experience the full sound quality and feature-list of this awesome app.

As an added piece of incentive, the competition deadline has been extended until Monday (US time I imagine). I’ve made my entry. I don’t imagine it will be hard to beat. Get playing. The only thing stopping you from winning, is you.

StompBox screenshot
StompBox screenshot

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