Slowly transitioning to Guitar Fascination

As recently written in my post titled Guitar Fascination branding, I have created a brand for a new website called Guitar Fascination. With this website comes a change to the Scarebear brand. It has been time for a change for a while now. The change is here.

Before I get any further into this article, I should clarify what I mean by the word brand. After all, not everyone has an understanding of marketing.

By creating a brand, I have created a consistent identity for my new online presence. This involves a website, various social media profiles, a logo, a colour palette, and a preferred font. In a way, the lack of consistency in the Scarebear brand brought this change about.

For years now, I’ve been using the name Scarebear for everything I do online. Initially, that made sense as my first online passion was graphic design, and back in the day, a lot of forums—does anybody remember forums!?—were filled with weird and wonderful usernames. Today, the name Scarebear doesn’t provide a lot of clarity in the world of guitars—my main area of interest.

I remain connected to the name Scarebear—after all, I have been using it since 1991. I will for now however, only use my Scarebear website and social media accounts for those things connected to my general interests. Those interests are varied and often disconnected. They fit a name with no true identity or clear meaning of its own.

Therefore if it’s intended to be funny, it may have a home here. If the subject matter is related to my interests in web design, graphic design, social media or photography, then it will also live here. I may also let those followers who remain connected to the Scarebear brand in on my dark secret—I’ve been playing Pokémon GO non-stop since 2016.

Moving on though …

For my main passion—guitars—it’s time for the clarity that the Scarebear brand has never provided.

The Guitar Fascination website and its connected social media accounts will cover anything and everything that interests me in the world of guitars and heavy metal music. I will now be posting my own guitar photographs and articles at Guitar Fascination instead of posting them here. I will share the guitar-related oddities I discover online with anyone who shares my passion for guitars and guitar playing on the Guitar Fascination social media channels.

For those people who are interested, those social media channels are as follows:

I may again attempt to create music in both audio and video formats. Should that happen, I’ll upload something to YouTube as well.

For all of those people who I have met and interacted with in the last ten years or so of this guitar-related Scarebear experience, I thank you. Your interactions have taken me to places—real world and virtual—that I never dreamed possible. Should you choose to engage with the Guitar Fascination brand, I’ll be there waiting. Should you not, your contributions to the Scarebear journey I have enjoyed for over a decade will still stay with me forever. I’m not letting those go.

You’ve been awesome. I’ve been Scarebear.

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