Guitar Fascination branding

I’ve had another attempt at creating a guitar-related brand. This time, it’s not for another person. This brand is for me. I’ll write about the reason for this brand in a future article. For now, here’s how I came to create the design and colour palette I’ve used for the Guitar Fascination brand.

With the previous guitar-related brands/logos I’d created in the past, there had often been a focus on the guitar shape. Examples include the Brad Williams and Evangelos Koudonas logos. I had also created brands based on guitar strings—Stay at Home Guitarist—and a plectrum—47 Guitars.

I needed a different approach. I also wanted a logo that spoke to more than just the guitar. It had to connect to music more generally. That’s where the idea for the volume knob came from. Electric guitars have them and so do amplifiers.

From there, I needed to choose a colour palette. I’m a big fan of the Coolors website and the feature it has that allows you to upload your own image and choose colours from that upload. I chose to upload a photograph of one of my amplifiers. That resulted in this palette for the Guitar Fascination brand.

Guitar Fascination colour palette

As you can see, the colours were pulled from the Marshall 15 watt Micro Stack. This palette allowed me to create the logo colours as well as a reversed style approach to images such as the required social media icons the brand would require.

I also selected a font from Google Fonts called Work Sans. I chose this font for a few different reasons. Firstly, it’s a freely available font. Secondly, as a Google font, I can use it as a web font on the Guitar Fascination website. Thirdly, as the definition for the word Sans is Without, I loved the idea of a font that was Without work. That’s exactly what the guitar is for me.

Here are a few more mockups to illustrate the Guitar Fascination brand. You’ll hopefully see it around a bit in the years to come.

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