AmpliTube Acoustic—it rocks (in a cool unplugged kind of way)

It’s been a while since I got stuck into the awesomeness that is iOS guitar playing and recording. Truth be told, it’s been a while since I did anything decent that was guitar related. I perhaps needed something to rekindle my interest. Luckily and coincidentally, IK Multimedia recently released AmpliTube Acoustic and a new interface called iRig Acoustic. The interface I can’t write about—on account of me not having one of them—but AmpliTube Acoustic I can write about—because I do have the free version of that.

So write about it I shall! AmpliTube Acoustic—it rocks (in a cool unplugged kind of way)

iRig PRO—now I can mic an amp with iOS!

Last year I wrote about the release of the iRig PRO. Recently I was lucky enough to add this interface to my personal collection of all-things-cool and I have to say I’m loving it. I would have written about it earlier, but every time I finish playing with the iRig PRO IK Multimedia goes and releases something else of interest to me. Recently they’ve released the AmpliTube Orange suite (for iOS and PC/Mac), a Custom Shop update with all-new ENGL amps and some amazing EQ releases in T-RackS (including the EQ73, EQ81 and Master EQ 432). So I’ve had plenty to keep me busy. I’m hoping IK Multimedia takes a holiday this Easter. Then I can catch up on my Blog! iRig PRO—now I can mic an amp with iOS!

iLine—seriously cool cables

I love cables. I have two large boxes filled with the cables I’ve collected over the years. These cables range from those used to connect DVD players to televisions, stereos to speakers, line splitters and cables for devices that connected to computers. Why do I have so many cables? One answer is that I’m a hoarder. Another reason is that I can never remember which cables I have because they all live together in one of two boxes. What if I could have one simple collection of cables that were not only conveniently housed, but that looked good? What if those cables were gold tipped (for increased audio goodness)? Well I say “What if nothing?!” Thanks to the IK Multimedia iLine range that’s exactly what I’ve now got. iLine—seriously cool cables

Rise—my entry in the Pro Tone Pedals Winter Riff Wreckage contest

Did you know there is a Pro Tone Pedals Winter Riff Wreckage contest going on right now? Well, there is. I know because I decided to enter (plus I like to keep up to date with all-things Pro Tone Pedals on account of my awesome Skumstortion pedal). Anyhow, you’re probably wondering how terrible my entry is. Never fear! My entry (also embedded at the end of this article) is terrible in playing ability, but awesome in tone. I’m hoping that helps me win the third prize of kudos.

Regardless of the outcome, you can learn how I made my recording by continuing to read this article. Rise—my entry in the Pro Tone Pedals Winter Riff Wreckage contest

iRig HD—Crystal clear tones for iOS guitar players

Recently I was lucky enough to win a copy of the iRig HD interface. I’ve been following IK Multimedia around the social networks long enough to know that this interface claimed to be the cleanest connection you’re likely to come across as you connect your guitar to your iOS device. I’m very skeptical normally and this time was no different. I’ve tested a few interfaces (I own several of my own) and for the most part they’re all very similar in the sound quality they provide (which is very good). When I played my guitar through my iPad using the iRig HD though, my skepticism was thrown out the window. Damn … The hype was worth it and it took me a year to realise. iRig HD—Crystal clear tones for iOS guitar players

AmpliToon … My AmpliTube ‘How to’ graphic novel

I love graphic novels. I’ve always found them to be one of the greatest story telling mechanisms available to man. I also happen to love playing guitar through my iPad. I’ve found the iPad to be an incredible tool for people such as me, to improve their skillset and experiment with tone, recording, sharing and constructive criticism on a global scale. All of this got me thinking. What is surely going to be the best way of reminding myself how to use some of my favourite iOS software and possibly help others do the same?

Well, because I’m a giver, I made AmpliToon … An almost graphic novel about IK Multimedia‘s AmpliTube application for the iPad. AmpliToon … My AmpliTube ‘How to’ graphic novel

Lick of the Day collaboration

A few days ago I posted a very quick riff I’d called From Go to Woah! that I’d created using IK Multimedia’s AmpliTube on the iPad. Not long after posting that riff to SoundCloud Dave from the Lick of the Day website asked if he could record a solo over it. I said “Sure” and sent Dave my exported WAV and MP3 files from AmpliTube.

Before I could say “Yngwie Malmsteen is a ferociously fast guitar player who has a fascination with Ferraris and Rolexs” Dave had created his solo, laid it over my backing track and released it as his latest Lick of the Day with video and tab for all to enjoy. Dave’s solo track is entitled Don’t poke the Scarebear. Obviously, I love it. Lick of the Day collaboration