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I love cables. I have two large boxes filled with the cables I’ve collected over the years. These cables range from those used to connect DVD players to televisions, stereos to speakers, line splitters and cables for devices that connected to computers. Why do I have so many cables? One answer is that I’m a hoarder. Another reason is that I can never remember which cables I have because they all live together in one of two boxes. What if I could have one simple collection of cables that were not only conveniently housed, but that looked good? What if those cables were gold tipped (for increased audio goodness)? Well I say “What if nothing?!” Thanks to the IK Multimedia iLine range that’s exactly what I’ve now got.

I’ve got to say at this early stage that I love the description the iLine cables have on the IK Multimedia site. They’re described using a language I not only understand, but that I can relate to. This is what I’m referring to.

Gold is good for so many things, like completely changing the attitude of crusty old miners and crabby spouses. But it’s especially suited for audio-cable termination (end) points due to its corrosion resistance properties. Plus, it just looks cool on a set of connectors.

How awesome is that? I couldn’t have written better if I’d tried. And I’m writing this now, so I have tried!

Apart from having fancy gold components, high-purity copper conductors and a whole assortment of other technological highlights that mean more to people smarter than me, these cables come with a colour coding system that help you use them more effectively. Of course this website will never be able to show you that colour coding, but I can allow for the next best thing. A list!

  • Blue: stereo
  • Green: stereo with input
  • Red: mono right
  • White: mono left

I even alphabetised that list for you! Those colour codes are a handy feature. Anybody who has used audio cables before should be familiar with the red and white options. It’s good to implement a system that doesn’t reinvent the wheel. Although if anybody was going to reinvent the wheel, IK Multimedia would probably do a good job of it.

What kind of cables do you get in the full iLine kit you might wonder? Well wonder no more. Read instead.

Mono output adapter

This is a great cable for connecting your 1/8″ (3.5mm) stereo output device into your 1/4″ (6.35mm) mono input device. For example, you might want to run your iPhone version of AmpliTube into your amplifier. Who wouldn’t? Well now you can with awesome clarity. Imagine connecting your iRig PRO to your iOS device and then sending that audio to your amplifier. I’ve tried it. It’s awesome.

Input Output Extension

This cable comes in handy if you like to use headphones with your iPhone (or similar device) but need more wiggle room. You just gained 60cm worth of dancing space. If you like dancing that could be important. Personally, I don’t understand dancing, but that’s another story.

Stereo Aux Cable

If you’ve ever travelled with someone who has a car stereo with a 1/8″ (3.5mm) input option and terrible taste in music, then this cable is a lifesaver not only for you, but anyone else trapped in such a scenario. Plug in your iPhone (or similar device) and save the day. Your ears will thank you and so will your travel buddies.

Headphone/Speaker Splitter

As a parent, this cable is worth the price of the entire kit alone. If you’re ever placed in the situation where you’re on a car journey with one non-car-mounted DVD player and two children, then you’re going to need a way for both children to listen to the same movie (while still allowing you to not hear it). Luckily this cable will fix that by splitting the audio feed so two sets of headphones can listen to the same sounds. The peace and quiet you just bought yourself is golden. A bit like those cable end pieces really.

RCA Output Adapter

Just like the Stereo Aux Cable allowed you to share good music with your friends by sending your audio to a 1/8″ (3.5mm) input, the RCA Output Adapter sends your stereo audio and splits the left and right channels into two RCA inputs that you can plug into your home stereo or DJ mixer. The music I listen to isn’t DJ friendly, so I have a feeling this is going to allow my neighbours to listen to good music from my iPhone (whether they like it or not).

Mono Output Splitter

This splitter is similar to the RCA Output Adapter, except it allows you to send your split audio channels to a professional mixer. Professional audio management for your iPhone.

As you can see, there are multiple opportunities with these cables. They’re professional quality and they’ve been put together in a package that allows you to extend the opportunities for your iPhone (or similar device) in ways you’d possibly never considered until now. My favourite part though? The packaging. These cables come with a handy little travel case that when open present your cables in a fashion similar to the way the Dexter character from the Showtime series keeps his knives. So if you’re very particular and have a thing for order, then this is going to be the cable solution for you.

I’ll never need to look through my old boxes of cables again.

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