Custom branded T-shirt from Sticker Mule

I’ve dabbled in a couple of custom branded T-shirts for myself in the last year with varied results. My main gamble was not knowing the companies I was buying from—mostly due to me not being in the need of custom branded T-shirts too often. When I noticed that the folks at Sticker Mule now do custom branded T-shirts for under $20USD, I felt it was time to try a third provider. A provider I already knew!

Custom branded T-shirt from Sticker Mule

Amaryllis release Revolt (in the most positive way)

Social media can be awesome. For example, there’s this cool website called Strumm (it’s all about guitars) that I initially came across on Twitter. I discovered this epic winning guy called Dan there. He plays guitar in a band called Amaryllis. As you can see, before I knew it I had gone from Twitter, to Strumm, back to Twitter and eventually on to the BandCamp site for Amaryllis. It was there that I discovered some truly amazing music.

Social media for the win! Amaryllis release Revolt (in the most positive way)

Lo-Fi Lullabies—Steve Case’s best release to date

I’ve been lucky enough to provide some graphic design assistance to Steve Case on some of his previous CD releases. Before that and since, I’ve been a fan of his dedication to what I consider honest and real music. He’s an artist and I’m glad I’ve managed to work with him. So, as I’ve done before with my previous semi-reviews of music I’ve had a bias towards, I continue with my music review series. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to experience this new EP by Steve and either be taken back to the times where people wrote songs that were long lasting or experience that sensation for the very first time. Either way, lucky you. Lo-Fi Lullabies—Steve Case’s best release to date

Pedal Check—YouTube guitar pedal videos ranked by users

Have you ever gone to YouTube with the intention of watching a video about a guitar pedal you’re considering buying only to be distracted by non-guitar related videos and/or videos not related to the actual pedal you went to YouTube for in the first place? I know I have. It can be annoying. If only there was a way to view YouTube videos that were guaranteed to only be about guitar pedals. Oh wait … with Pedal Check there is.

Well that’s handy. Pedal Check—YouTube guitar pedal videos ranked by users

New B&W plectrums from PlecPicker

Earlier this year I wrote about the glow-in-the-dark plectrums from Now the folks at PlecPicker have released a new range of plectrums that once again include free shipping (global). That’s awesome. The new range appeals to me greatly and there are a few reasons for that. Firstly, the new range is slightly thinner at .71mm. Secondly, the new plectrums have a different texture with increased grip. Thirdly and most importantly, the new plectrums are black and white. Perfect plectrums for this little website. New B&W plectrums from PlecPicker

Alpha Rhythm Generators (double album release by David Oakes)

Recently I wrote my first ever music semi-review for the Evangelos Koudonas album Into the Blue. A semi-review is when I honestly review music I most likely have a biased opinion on. Most likely biased? Well I have come to know the artist through social media. This time I’m reviewing Alpha Rhythm Generators which is a double release by David Oakes. This isn’t some random music that my editor throws on my desk to review. This is music I already like and need to inform other people about while explaining why. I should mention now that I don’t really have a desk. Or an editor. But I sure did sound important for a second there.

To the second semi-review! Alpha Rhythm Generators (double album release by David Oakes)

iLine—seriously cool cables

I love cables. I have two large boxes filled with the cables I’ve collected over the years. These cables range from those used to connect DVD players to televisions, stereos to speakers, line splitters and cables for devices that connected to computers. Why do I have so many cables? One answer is that I’m a hoarder. Another reason is that I can never remember which cables I have because they all live together in one of two boxes. What if I could have one simple collection of cables that were not only conveniently housed, but that looked good? What if those cables were gold tipped (for increased audio goodness)? Well I say “What if nothing?!” Thanks to the IK Multimedia iLine range that’s exactly what I’ve now got. iLine—seriously cool cables

Into the Blue (fresh new music by Evangelos Koudonas)

Regular visitors to this website know I have issues with colour. As much as possible I try to strip it from my website. I’m not sure if it was intentional or not, but Evangelos Koudonas has released the first album that I’ve decided to write about and included a colour in the album name. Obviously Evangelos couldn’t have known that I’d write this article, but still he has made me say Into the Blue is an outstanding album. Even if it does say blue. Into the Blue (fresh new music by Evangelos Koudonas)

GuitarCapo+ for iOS—a virtual instrument and a whole lot more

Every now and then I am lucky enough to come across something before it’s officially released. Not in the illegal torrent kind of way either. I’m talking about when a developer lets me know that I may be interested in something guitar related they’ve developed. To be fair, if it is guitar related, I’m interested. I’ll often let developers know this by saying “You had me at guitar”.

What I really look forward to though are those awesome moments when I come across something new (before its official release) that I love. The upcoming version of GuitarCapo+ is one of those somethings. Yes, a change is coming for this app. GuitarCapo+ for iOS—a virtual instrument and a whole lot more