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Have you ever gone to YouTube with the intention of watching a video about a guitar pedal you’re considering buying only to be distracted by non-guitar related videos and/or videos not related to the actual pedal you went to YouTube for in the first place? I know I have. It can be annoying. If only there was a way to view YouTube videos that were guaranteed to only be about guitar pedals. Oh wait … with Pedal Check there is.

Well that’s handy.

Pedal Check has been created so that guitarists can search for the best guitar pedal videos YouTube has to offer and nothing else. As a visitor, you then have the ability to vote for any video (positively or negatively) without the need for a login. Having said that, you can login to the site using your Facebook account to leave comments on the videos for other Pedal Check users to see.

This means any site visitor can let any other site visitor know when one video is more helpful than another simply by upvoting it. If a site visitor doesn’t like a video, they can downvote it. Over time and with increased use/visits, Pedal Check will let you know which videos are the cream of the crop.

There are many ways to navigate and then use the Pedal Check website. You can use the site’s built-in search feature to search for the specific pedal manufacturer, pedal name or even pedal type. You can also peruse the latest additions to the website or the trending videos (allowing you to see what other people are currently searching for on the site). Once you start watching any video, you are given the option to view recommended videos based on the video you’re currently watching or you can peruse the category tags to keep searching for videos based on pedal style or make (such as distortion or Dunlop). So many options. So little time.

Personally I’m loving this website. I can often spend hours going from one video to another on YouTube and by the end of a session wonder how I ended up looking at videos about the best way to build a fence when I started looking at videos on how to build a custom pedalboard. At least with Pedal Check I know my hours of video time are going to be wasted only looking at guitar pedals. That kind of time I’m happy to lose.

Now to go work out which compression pedal is going to be the best for me …

PedalCheck website
PedalCheck website

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