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Today, I’m introducing a new category to this website. It’s one I’ve thought about for a while now. It’s mostly been brought about by my love for all-things AppSumo—more on them shortly.

More importantly though, I figured that if you’re anything like me—guitars, graphic design and social media are the greatest—then you love a good software bargain that helps you with your own social media management, website enhancement or musical production.

Even if you’re not like me—you can always work on that—you probably still love a good deal. Let me share examples of the deals I’ve purchased for myself. Hopefully these links help show the quality and variety of services I plan on promoting here in this new content category.

This very website currently runs through the assistance of at least five services I have lifetime access to. They would be:

My social media accounts benefit from the enhancements of several other lifetime access deals I’ve purchased over the years. Those deals would be:

From a graphic design perspective—I don’t always want to spend time in Photoshop—I’ve used the following services to generate imagery for my website and social media accounts:

Finally, my musical/video creation world has benefited through the following services that I also have lifetime access deals for:

As you can see, there are a lot of opportunities in the lifetime access world. But you may be wondering, “what exactly is a lifetime access deal?”

Great question. This is also where my love for AppSumo comes in.

AppSumo provides the world with software and services from businesses often starting up and trying to get their product in front of a large and interested audience. This huge audience is wise and is looking for heavily discounted deals in exchange for one of their greatest assets—their data.

This generally creates what I call a win-win. The developers get their product in front of a massive audience and that audience gets lifetime access to their offering for a hugely discounted price—often around $50USD.

You pay once. The software is yours … for life.

I’ve been using all of the applications I’ve listed above consistently from the date I purchased them. Some of these I’ve been using since 2016. I’m sure I’ll be purchasing more when the next relevant deal comes along. Whatever it is, I’ll make sure to share it here too.

Oh, one final parting note. AppSumo also has freebies. You can see them in the brilliantly labelled Freebies section of their Browse page. Enjoy!

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