Delivering customised content using If-So

You may be helplessly wandering around this site wondering what this If-So is all about. Well hapless visitor, let me educate you!

I mentioned recently that I am going to start sharing links to deals I come across in the design, music or social media realms. I thought it would also be worthwhile to expand on some of the deals I’ve already bought when they first came out.

If-So is one of those deals and chances are you’ve seen some of its magic at work when you landed on certain pages here from one referrer or another. Actually, if you came here from Twitter or Google, then you’ve already experienced If-So on this very page in the opening paragraph.

Let me share with you some of the If-So features I’ve already implemented on this website.

Referrer content

Twitter visitors received a terrible pun upon entry to this page—you’re welcome. Google visitors received a grateful thanks while random visitors to this page from another page on my site were essentially … lost.

All of this custom content was made possible due to the fact that If-So enables a WordPress site owner to display targeted content to audiences known to have come from common referrers such as Google, Facebook or Twitter.

By the way, if you came here from Facebook, it wasn’t because of me. I doubt anybody from my guitar-focused Facebook page is interested in website enhancements. I could be wrong. I sometimes am.

A/B testing

Speaking of uncertainty, sometimes it’s difficult to tell which piece of content is going to be more successful than another piece of content. When you’re trying to sell something for example, you don’t want to leave that decision process to luck. If-So helps in this space due to its ability to A/B test in WordPress.

In my Graphic Design category here for example, I include affiliate links to AppSumo at the end of each post. I have those affiliate links split between two differently worded options. One speaks to the truth of the AppSumo awesomeness while the other appeals to visitors’ desires to get $10 for themselves as well—equally awesome.


As we don’t want to leave these things to chance, the analytics that come with If-So allow WordPress website owners to make informed decisions. For A/B tests you can see the number of displays per variation as well as the conversion rates for each variation.

For referrers, you can use the analytics to compare one referrer to another. If you’re paying for Google Ads and Facebook Ads, this becomes very useful information when generating customised content to compare with default page content.

Returning visitors

The final feature I’ll share with you that is in use on this website is the customised content to returning visitors. On some pages this can be the difference between “Welcome!”, “Welcome back” or “I’m sorry. Are you lost?”


These are just a few of the features I’ve implemented on this site. There are more. Plenty more. You can see them all on the If-So website.

Oh, it’s worth mentioning that the If-So platform is still using a lifetime access model—yay! There’s a free plan to test with and after that you can sign up for their Personal plan—single domain only—or their Agency or Enterprise plans. All plans come with a year of support.

Go, take a look. Tell them I said “Hi”.

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