Another 52 Guitars, week 26—Crimson Guitars Raw Series Descendant Copper Rodded Model

Half way through the series and I still have some catching up to do. I need to put a few more entries together if I’m any chance of finishing this series in 2020. Conveniently, the Crimson Guitars Raw Series Descendant Copper Rodded Model also looks more put together than any other guitar in this series so far—and I love that.

I’m not sure if the Raw Series Descendant Copper Rodded Model is still an option at Crimson Guitars, but the variations I saw come out in 2017 still blow my mind today, three years later. The guitars have a Steampunk look to them, but mostly speak to the leave no wood behind way of thinking that I truly love.

It feels similar to the current trend of using epoxy to fill the gaps in what could have previously been looked at as lesser wood. What Crimson Guitars did however was say something like “Don’t fill the gaps. Embrace them”.

Well, I assume they said something like that.

Obviously, with a guitar like this, the specifications are likely to change from guitar to guitar. From what I can tell, the body shape mostly remained the same—Telecaster styled. It was the woods, the joins and the hardware that changed to suit the wood being salvaged.

Regardless of the wood type being used, the pieces were held together using steel bars. Often, the wood gaps were filled with a copper leaf while the guitar itself was finished with a wood oil. All of these guitars also came with humbuckers that were created by Crimson Guitars. These were often coil tapped too.

But enough words. You can watch some videos on the process for building these guitars—something I strongly recommend doing—over on the Crimson Guitars YouTube channel. You can also enjoy a couple of videos below that feature variations of these guitars being played.

Different woods. Different setups. Same awesome look and sound. #want

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