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Time for me to share another cool service I use on this very website and the social media platforms I connect to this website. Social Bee is today’s entry to my new Software Recommendations category—the category I lovingly call #scarebearshares.

Social Bee is a service that allows you to generate automated content for various social media platforms through various existing content channels. Some of the channels/connections I have setup include:

  • various website RSS feeds
  • imported links (each new link becomes a unique social media post)
  • random URLs sent to social media through use of the Social Bee browser extension.

Other connectors that exist include Zapier, uploaded media that can be converted to social posts and Pocket. All of these content sources can be scheduled (or posted instantly) to the major social media platforms. These platforms would be:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Google My Business

I currently use Social Bee for Twitter post automation. Facebook scheduling is something I plan on slowly integrating shortly—I’m less active on Facebook. The automated content I send to Twitter is a combination of RSS content from my favourite guitar websites and my own content from this website that I share under the #ICYMI (In Case You Missed It) hashtag. Here’s what that looks like in Social Bee.

Social Bee categories

The top category is where I put the various RSS feed articles from my favourite guitar websites. Those posts are set to post once only and as you can see, there’s a lot of content stacked in that category. The second category is blog content stacked from my own website. That content is set to Evergreen—meaning it can be shared more than once.

Content isn’t randomly posted either. All content is scheduled. Social Bee has great recommendations on the best times to post. I’ve customised my schedule so it’s less frequent than more popular social media users may post. My schedule looks like this.

Social Bee scheduling

The schedule can include all of the posts that you send to all of the connected social media platforms. If you don’t have time to make the daily posts your social media channels and their audiences require, then Social Bee is a life saver.

For me, it’s also a way to stay on top of my own interests through one platform. Through my own Twitter timeline and notifications I can now be reminded of content I’ve posted that’s still relevant years later and the things from the guitar industry that I remain interested in.

Because I’m only sharing content that my social media connections and I share an interest in, this content often becomes a great conversation starter.

If you’re even more time poor than me—and you’re much more of a social media influencer with an active audience—the Social Bee team also offer a concierge service where their staff curate the best content for you and your channels to improve audience engagement and interaction.

There you have it. One of my favourite social media content connectors. Make sure to check out Social Bee.

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