Another 52 Guitars, week 27—Sully Guitars Supernova

This week’s entry will be a short and sweet entry. Short, because there’s not a lot I can find on this guitar. Sweet, because that’s exactly how the Sully Guitars Supernova looks. Sweet!

Regular readers of this series will know I’m on the lookout for guitars that each have something I’m yet to experience in a guitar of my own. The Supernova has some of that and it also has a few of the features I already own and love.

First, the newness.

  • That headstock design. So nice!
  • That body shape. It’s what I’d call Exploreresque, but different enough to warrant inclusion as something new for my collection.
  • No fretboard inlays.

What this guitar does include that I already have in existing guitars is the single humbucker pickup in the bridge position, the single volume control and no tone control. That’s exactly how I play.

One design feature I really like is the layout of the string-thru-body holes. They follow the shape of the body itself. It’s beautifully done. The pure whiteness of the sole model on display on the Sully Guitars website is perfect for me as well. It looks 80s metal and it fits my current collection’s B&W rule set perfectly.

You can request quotes for this model using the Supernova Quote form. It’s incredibly tempting. I look forward to seeing more about this model. If I ever find a video, I’ll update this post.

Stay tuned (free guitar pun).

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