Alpha Rhythm Generators (double album release by David Oakes)

Recently I wrote my first ever music semi-review for the Evangelos Koudonas album Into the Blue. A semi-review is when I honestly review music I most likely have a biased opinion on. Most likely biased? Well I have come to know the artist through social media. This time I’m reviewing Alpha Rhythm Generators which is a double release by David Oakes. This isn’t some random music that my editor throws on my desk to review. This is music I already like and need to inform other people about while explaining why. I should mention now that I don’t really have a desk. Or an editor. But I sure did sound important for a second there.

To the second semi-review!

Alpha Rhythm Generators is a compilation of David’s Alpha Rhythm Generator and Alpha Rhythm Generator II releases. Both albums are available individually on BandCamp using the pay what you think it’s worth model. I’ve purchased some of David’s music before because I like it and I believe in supporting hard working independent musicians. David is as hard working as they come.

Alpha Rhythm Generator is a great album that combines electronic music, alternative and hard rock music in a way that showcases the strengths of each genre. In particular, I love how the guitar work blends in so nicely with the electronic musical components. A lot of this is due to David’s guitar tone. It’s distorted, but it has an electronic aspect to it. This is instrumental music, but it’s not the usual look at my impressive soloing skills style. David’s music is all about … the music.

Some of the standout tracks in this release for me include Robot Army, We Got Hostiles and the title track Alpha Rhythm Generator. All three of these tracks feature great guitar parts (this will always appeal to me) as well as some very industrial sounding overtones.

Alpha Rhythm Generator II is another great album (and the second part of the new compilation) and features a lot of the same tones and genres as its predecessor. It makes sense to package the two albums together. This is probably my preferred album from the two as I find the guitar parts to be more prominent. Not just in their volume levels or percentage of playtime, but in their contribution to the overarching musical pieces.

Standout tracks on this album for me are The Sound of Light, Attack!, The Epic and Assassin. These tracks all have a darker overtone to them compared to the first album. I’m always going to like that.

The advantage of buying the compilation pack of both albums is the opportunity to receive them both on CD for the same price as the digital download price. Physical CDs … remember those? Not only do you get the CD, but you get a vinyl effect CD. Vinyl albums … remember those?! All of this can be purchased for just £5 (which I believe you can say is 5 knickers—how cool is that?!)

“Nice music. How much did you pay for that?”

“Five knickers.”

I’d pay that much just to be able to say that.

Alpha Rhythm Generators is a great compilation. David Oakes is an incredibly talented musician. Check out his BandCamp catalog and support independent music. You’ll be glad you did.

Alpha Rhythm Generators (double album release by David Oakes)
Alpha Rhythm Generators (double album release by David Oakes)

2 thoughts on “Alpha Rhythm Generators (double album release by David Oakes)

  1. Biased reviews are the very best reviews. I want to hear what YOU think, not some theory. Personally, I want to push my opinions on everybody. You know how it goes….you can have your opinion, but I’m correct. In reality though I do try to keep an open mind…it sometime works. And I did think you were very important for a second with a a desk and an editor. I automatically pictured a white shirt and tie.

    1. I wish I had an editor! If I did he’d certainly wear a white shirt. He’d also wear a black tie and his name would be Ed (just to make it easier for me). No doubt his opinions would be the same as mine too. Because he may be editor, but I’d be right. Or is that ‘write”? 😉

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