AmpliToon … My AmpliTube ‘How to’ graphic novel

I love graphic novels. I’ve always found them to be one of the greatest story telling mechanisms available to man. I also happen to love playing guitar through my iPad. I’ve found the iPad to be an incredible tool for people such as me, to improve their skillset and experiment with tone, recording, sharing and constructive criticism on a global scale. All of this got me thinking. What is surely going to be the best way of reminding myself how to use some of my favourite iOS software and possibly help others do the same?

Well, because I’m a giver, I made AmpliToon … An almost graphic novel about IK Multimedia‘s AmpliTube application for the iPad.

The PDF can be downloaded for free from my DropBox account. It’s a 12 page document that ever-so-briefly covers such heroic subjects as:

  • Creating new projects
  • Setting your own tones
  • Recording in the AmpliTube Studio
  • Using the AmpliTube Loop Drummer
  • Editing your sounds in the AmpliTube Mixer
  • Sharing recordings

That’s a lot to cover in a 12 page graphic novel. But it covers those subjects like any good hero would with its undies on the outside. Or … Briefly!

Grab yourself a copy of this inaugural issue of what could be a one-hit wonder. Did I mention it’s free?

AmpliToon .. An almost graphic novel
AmpliToon .. An almost graphic novel

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