IK Multimedia release the iRig PRO

There are a few different interfaces for the guitar and iPad. I’ve reviewed the interfaces I’m lucky enough to already own. Today IK Multimedia released what looks like the interface to beat all interfaces—the iRig PRO.

The iRig PRO connects to your iPhone, iPad or Mac using one of three connector cables—Lightning, 30-pin or USB. At the other end, you can connect your guitar, bass guitar, microphone or MIDI controller. It’s incredibly versatile. IK Multimedia have put together this video to show you can use the one interface to create an entire song.

The iRig PRO is battery powered, small enough to fit into your pocket (or gig bag) and comes with free versions of IK Multimedia’s awesome AmpliTube software. The iRig PRO will activate some free metal tones for iPad and iPhone users. \m/

Learn more by watching this cool video (it features sound and colour) or by visiting the IK Multimedia iRig PRO product page. It looks to me like it’s going to be awesome.

iRig PRO
iRig PRO

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