iRig PRO—now I can mic an amp with iOS!

Last year I wrote about the release of the iRig PRO. Recently I was lucky enough to add this interface to my personal collection of all-things-cool and I have to say I’m loving it. I would have written about it earlier, but every time I finish playing with the iRig PRO IK Multimedia goes and releases something else of interest to me. Recently they’ve released the AmpliTube Orange suite (for iOS and PC/Mac), a Custom Shop update with all-new ENGL amps and some amazing EQ releases in T-RackS (including the EQ73, EQ81 and Master EQ 432). So I’ve had plenty to keep me busy. I’m hoping IK Multimedia takes a holiday this Easter. Then I can catch up on my Blog!

If you’re a regular reader on this website, then you may recall I recently wrote about my new iRig HD. That interface quickly became my go-to interface for iOS and PC. Now I’m spoiled for choice. The main difference for me is my new-found ability to mic an amp directly into iOS (or PC obviously). That excites me like you can only imagine. I now have the ability to record my real-world gear professionally (within the limits of my very cheap microphone of course).

So now I need a real microphone. One step at a time though.

You may recall (if you read my iRig HD article) that I was considering getting the iRig Pre next. Well, the iRig PRO is the best of both worlds. The iRig HD allows you to plug in any instrument with a standard guitar cable connection type. The iRig Pre allows you to plug in countless microphones (one at a time that is). The iRig PRO? It takes them all (still one at a time—this isn’t magic). Perfect.

The iRig PRO therefore has a few obvious similarities to the iRig HD. Some of which I didn’t truly understand when I first wrote about the iRig HD. For example, both devices feature the same light system to indicate the levels going through the device. Those levels are indicated in the following way.

  • Blue light = power on
  • Green light = signal received (but at a low volume)
  • Orange light = perfect signal volume
  • Red light = Clipping. Turn that sucker down.

So just remember … green is good,  orange is perfect and red has clipped.

Now, as with the iRig HD, the iRig PRO comes with all of the cable connections you require to connect your instrument to PC/Mac and/or iOS (both connection types). One difference between the iRig PRO and the iRig HD though is the battery compartment. This interface packs so much power it requires its own battery (standard 9v).

Another difference with the iRig PRO is the MIDI input. Honestly, this is currently beyond my skill set, but I will get into that feature later. Luckily for me the iRig PRO MIDI input activates the MIDI functionality in AmpliTube and VocalLive (which would othjerwise be an in-app purchase). So when I am ready, I won’t need to purchase anything else. This interface just keeps on giving.

Speaking of which, the iRig PRO also gives Mac users the AmpliTube Metal and T-RackS Classic software. That’s worth the purchase alone in my opinion. I have both of those installations on my PC and when combined it’s hard to beat those metal tones. iOS AmpliTube users of course unlock the metal amps that are only available to iRig users. Give, give, give.

So clearly I have a big problem now. I love the iRig HD and the iRig PRO. I’m going to have to record a lot more so I can get the most out of both interfaces. That is of course if IK Multimedia can stop releasing new gear that appeals to me. Seems unlikely.

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