Dialtone Pickups—complete tone control at the fingertips

I can’t even remember how I stumbled upon Dialtone Pickups. But I know when I did, I thought “WANT!” The more I see and hear as the company continues on what surely has to be an amazing journey the more I begin to think “Shut up and take my money!”

Now to convince my wife that another guitar related purchase is justified.

If you’ve never heard of Dialtone Pickups, never fear. This article will fix that. Stick with me. I’ve already discovered a few videos on YouTube and enough information on their website to grab my attention. They should grab your attention too. Why? Well because they’ve created one pickup that allows you to simply dial different tones into your guitar directly from your pickup. So cool. Want to have that Telecaster sound? Dial it in. Want that full-bodied humbucker sound? Dial it in. It seems so simple! Check out this great demonstration video and this even cooler video that was tweeted to me after I made it clear I loved their concept on Twitter.

There was going to be a Kickstarter campaign but Dialtone Pickups has instead decided to go down the path of allowing people to pre-order their pickups for just $120. As these pickups are essentially offering multiple pickup tones in the one unit, that seems pretty damn affordable to me. Regular readers to this site will recognise my love for lists. So, here’s what you can pre-order now.

  • Bridge humbucker ($120).
  • Neck humbucker ($120).
  • Wiring kit ($40).

Both of the humbucker options come in a custom machined aluminium case. In America and other places that’s probably known as aluminum, but I’m in Australia. We appreciate extra vowels. It’s worth pointing out that if you buy both the neck and bridge pickups you only need one wiring kit (if you decide you need a wiring kit).

Not too shabby I say. I’m super keen and hope to get some of this Dialtone Pickups action myself. How about you? If you sign up, what will you sign up for? Perhaps more importantly, what guitar/s would you apply a Dialtone Pickup to first? Personally I’d be tempted to place these into a guitar like the Gibson Melody Maker. One humbucker in the bridge position would never have experienced so many different tonal opportunities before.

Now to dream … If the excitement wears off allowing me to sleep.

Dialtone Pickups—dial in your own perfect tone
Dialtone Pickups—dial in your own perfect tone

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