52 Guitars, week 48—Schecter Jeff Loomis JLV-7 NT

This is another article that features a manufacturer I’m proud to have purchased from. I don’t have this model, but what I do have, I love. So I imagine I’d absolutely love the Jeff Loomis JLV-7 NT by Schecter Guitar Research!

I’m missing a Flying V in my current guitar collection actually. I’ve got the Jackson Rhoads model, but that’s not a real Flying V in my opinion. This guitar is a Flying V, but with a bundle of nuances that make it special enough for me to want it in my 52 guitars list. List? Let’s have one!

  • Maple neck (24 frets)
  • EMG active 707 pickups
  • Locking Schecter tuners
  • Master volume control
  • Three-way pickup switch
  • String-through body

I love string-through bodies. And the layout of this seven string version is just beautiful. In fact, it’s near perfect. It’s so aesthetically pleasing. Speaking of pleasing, this guitar comes in black. Just black. It’s perfect.

Of course another thing worth pointing out is the overall design of the guitar. It’s a Flying V (which I’ve established already) but it has additional pointy bits in the V component which can only mean one thing. This guitar is faster than most. It’s a proven fact* that pointy guitars are fast. And this guitar is pointier than most. Beware, you may be booked for speeding when using this guitar.

* I’ve got nothing to back that up.

Disclaimer: I’ve not played this guitar. I have not experienced the sound or feel of this guitar. That doesn’t matter. It looks awesome, it’s obviously played by winners and I want one.

Schecter Jeff Loomis JLV-7 NT
Schecter Jeff Loomis JLV-7 NT

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