52 Guitars, week 17—Musicvox Space Cadet 6 string

If I was building a super collection of guitars with something like 52 different models, I’d want to make sure each guitar had something unique to offer. Otherwise I’d go to my guitar den—I’m pretty sure that’s what you’d call a room with 52 guitars in it—and spend all my time trying to work out which guitar was which. That would be time wasted. I should clearly be able to walk into the guitar den—that’s now a thing—and go straight to the guitar I was thinking of playing. Something like this week’s guitar, the Musicvox Space Cadet. I doubt you’d mistake it for another guitar.

The Musicvox Space Cadet has a unique style headstock and a very individual scratch plate. The overall shape of the guitar is similar to a Telecaster, but not so similar as to confuse you. So … Features? This guitar has the following.

  • 3 position pickup switch
  • block pearloid inlays
  • bound neck and body
  • classic vintage style humbuckers
  • locking tuners
  • one volume and one tone control

I love the combination of elements on this guitar. The pickup switch is Les Paul style, the humbuckers and bridge/tailpiece combo are also Les Paul in style, but the guitar lead input position is more along the lines of a Gibson SG. It’s a great combination of styles that work well when laid out in the style that simply becomes the Musicvox Space Cadet.

It’s classy in my opinion. It’s black. It’s shiny. What’s not to love or want?

Disclaimer: I’ve not played this guitar. I have not experienced the sound or feel of this guitar. That doesn’t matter. It looks awesome, it’s obviously played by winners and I want one.

Musicvox Space Cadet 6 string
Musicvox Space Cadet 6 string

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