52 Guitars, week 16—FGN Expert Elan Dark Evolution

I love black guitars. I also love white guitars. Anything else … Not so much. One of the things I sometimes wonder about though is “should you take fretboards into consideration when talking about guitar colour?”

The guitar I’m adding to my weekly wishlist today—the FGN Expert Elan Dark Evolution has also thought of that it seems. They’ve given people the choice between a maple fretboard for white guitars and rosewood for black guitars. Brilliant!

As followers of this series would also be aware—all three of you—I look for that something different or unique with each guitar in this list. Something that makes this guitar stand out from the others in this article series (or my own small guitar collection for that matter). The FGN Expert Elan Dark Evolution certainly has that covered. The frets for example use the FGN Circle Fretting System. I’ll be honest; I was initially drawn to this guitar because it offered black and white options with matching fretboards. Since discovering the circle fretting system though, I’m more impressed with the guitar’s outstanding features—there are more than just this one. Still, I would love to hear this guitar in action and experience the difference the slightly curved frets make to the overall sound.

As mentioned, there are more special features for this guitar and they focus strongly on the quality of the neck, tailpiece and custom pickups—pickups specifically designed for hard rock or heavy metal. Perfect! I should point out that the page dedicated to this guitar mentions it has Seymour Duncan Blackouts fitted, while the special features page mentions FGN custom pickups. Both read like they’d suit me. They’re both built for metal.

Apart from the special features, it’s worth noting the standard features this guitar has.

  • Maple top, mahogany back
  • .011 to .052 strings tuned down a tone
  • 24 frets
  • Volume control, tone control and a three-way switch
  • Gotoh bridge
  • Gotoh tuners

Isn’t this an impressive looking guitar?! It looks amazing, reads like it’s built for true guitar lovers and of course makes me wish I had one—black or white.

Disclaimer: I’ve not played this guitar. I have not experienced the sound or feel of this guitar. That doesn’t matter. It looks awesome, it’s obviously played by winners and I want one.

FGN Expert Elan Dark Evolution
FGN Expert Elan Dark Evolution

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