GuitarTone 2—Now with Audiobus support

When I last wrote about GuitarTone by Sonoma Wireworks, they had just released an update that allowed you to create a truly unique tone by using twin amplifier speaker/microphone combinations that generated a true stereo sound. I’d also written about my desire to be able to record the awesome GuitarTone sounds—I didn’t want to write GuitarTone tones—into either StudioTrack or FourTrack. That hasn’t happened yet, but the latest release allows you to connect GuitarTone to Audiobus.

That’ll do!

GuitarTone can be setup as the input or the effect. In the first screenshot below you can see how I’ve set the app up as an effect. You can then choose to apply the effects in GuitarTone to your guitar (as I do) or to stylise another input app. Once it is activated, you can view your GuitarTone app as you normally would with the added benefit of Audiobus sitting on the side of your screen. Recording capabilities are a short click away. You can see an example of this in the second screenshot below.

Once you’ve created your own unique tones, it is easy to switch to your favourite recording app in Audiobus so you can record your own music. Your tones come with you as you record in apps like Meteor or MultiTrack DAW. In the third and final screenshot below you can see how I recorded two guitar tracks using Meteor (they’re the second and third tracks).

If you’d like to hear how the recording sounds that I made when putting my screenshots together, fear not! That track is also included below for your listening pleasure. That is of course assuming you like the track. At least the tone is good!

I’d like to end the written component of this article the same way I ended my last GuitarTone article … Wishing for something. Imagine if StudioTrack was available with Audiobus support! I have always liked that multi-track recorder. It makes sense to allow people to record from GuitarTone to StudioTrack using Audiobus. Well, it makes sense to me.

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