Sonoma Wire Works updates Guitartone and you benefit from it

Sonoma Wire Works has updated their iOS app of guitar tone goodness—cleverly named GuitarTone—to version 3. There are all-new tube models to choose from in their amp offerings that take advantage of improvements available in tone through iOS 10 devices. To celebrate the update, they’re also giving away some free amp and effect add-ons to early adopters. You may also win $300 worth of Sonoma Wire Works goodies. It’s a good day to be a Sonoma Wire Works and GuitarTone 3 fan/user. Sonoma Wire Works updates Guitartone and you benefit from it

Mike Campese performance at the Sonoma Wire Works booth—NAMM 2015

Last week at NAMM I was lucky enough to catch Mike Campese perform at the Sonoma Wire Works booth at the 2015 NAMM Show. Mike was showcasing the tones the iOS app GuitarTone is capable of. Even though I’ve used GuitarTone several times in the past—even writing about them a few times over the years—I was blown away by the audio quality. My embedded video is not going to do that audio any justice because I was only using an iPhone to capture video/audio, but trust me … It sounded awesome and was loud enough to ensure the NAMM decibel police were on hand to protect all sensitive ears.

Everybody won on this day. Mike Campese performance at the Sonoma Wire Works booth—NAMM 2015

Six scary questions—Sonoma Wireworks

The Six scary questions series of articles wouldn’t be a series without at least two articles in it. Thanks to Sonoma Wireworks, we have a series! Sonoma Wireworks has been creating software and hardware for the musical community for quite some time now. I’ve used their software and hardware, but I hadn’t asked them six scary questions yet. Because my questions aren’t actually scary, I still haven’t. I did get answers to these questions though. Six scary questions—Sonoma Wireworks

GuitarTone 2—Now with Audiobus support

When I last wrote about GuitarTone by Sonoma Wireworks, they had just released an update that allowed you to create a truly unique tone by using twin amplifier speaker/microphone combinations that generated a true stereo sound. I’d also written about my desire to be able to record the awesome GuitarTone sounds—I didn’t want to write GuitarTone tones—into either StudioTrack or FourTrack. That hasn’t happened yet, but the latest release allows you to connect GuitarTone to Audiobus.

That’ll do! GuitarTone 2—Now with Audiobus support

GuitarTone 2—Now with twin amplifiers!

Back in late 2011 I wrote about GuitarTone and my impression of it when using an iPhone 3S. A few things have changed since that article. Firstly, I’m now using an iPhone 4S and an iPad. Secondly, the GuitarJack (version 1) I had purchased isn’t compatible with my new devices. Thirdly, GuitarTone has been upgraded to version 2. Some aspects of GuitarTone have remained the same but some aspects have been changed … for the better. Let’s look at some of the changes as they apply to the iPad. GuitarTone 2—Now with twin amplifiers!

Review: GuitarJack

Another interface I used for the testing of guitar emulators in my recent test of 11 iPhone guitar emulators was GuitarJack by Sonoma Wire Works. I was doing my testing using the GuitarJack Model 1 for the following reasons:

  • It was on sale when I purchased it (reduced to $49.00 USD)
  • It connects to my iPhone 3GS
  • I wanted it.

From what I’ve seen and read, GuitarJack Model 2 is way cooler (as are the iPhone 4GS and the iPad). But I can’t write about that other than to say “I want all of those things!”

But let’s learn more about my experiences with GuitarJack Model 1 and the 11 apps I tested it with. Review: GuitarJack

GuitarTone for iPhone

GuitarTone is another recent discovery I made when searching for ways to play my guitar on the iPhone. Luckily I follow Sonoma Wire Works on Twitter and was there to see them announce the application’s release. Since then, I’ve had fun creating my own presets for hours on end. Why? Because I believe it’s one of the easiest apps to use for playing guitar on the iPhone.

Let’s get straight into this and the black and white imagery that accompanies all of my reviews. GuitarTone for iPhone