Sonoma Wire Works updates Guitartone and you benefit from it

Sonoma Wire Works has updated their iOS app of guitar tone goodness—cleverly named GuitarTone—to version 3. There are all-new tube models to choose from in their amp offerings that take advantage of improvements available in tone through iOS 10 devices. To celebrate the update, they’re also giving away some free amp and effect add-ons to early adopters. You may also win $300 worth of Sonoma Wire Works goodies. It’s a good day to be a Sonoma Wire Works and GuitarTone 3 fan/user.

I’ve had GuitarTone for quite some time now and even written about GuitarTone before. This is the first time I’ve done so since my website went colour—there was the awesome black and white phase that lasted for years. So I thought I’d show just what this app looked like now. Updated version. Updated website. It makes perfect sense.

One thing I have always liked about the GuitarTone offering is how true they are to real-world amplifier responsiveness. Play harder, the amplifier gets grittier. More guitar volume, impacted tone. It makes the tool a much more useful iOS companion to your real world guitar learning experience. The latest version of the app improves on this existing approach to iOS guitar tone offerings.

The GuitarTone website provides quite a few tonal examples and explains the way their free amp/effect offerings can be added to through their in-app add-ons for the reasonable price of $0.99 each. There are plenty of options to choose from too. The splash screen for the updated app lets you know this in a pretty cool way.

GuitarTone 3 landing page

So. Many. Options.

Here’s a couple of screenshots from within the app as I added a few random pedals, amps, cabs and mics. All remain highly customisable.

GuitarTone 3 edit screen
GuitarTone 3 setup screen

Personally, I like the way they’ve adapted their higher gain amps to now include up to five preamp tubes with this update. That’s super cool. I look forward to future updates on this app. Bring on the metal tones!

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