Streamed music—how valet parking made me see its true value

I recently had a need to park my car at the local airport. It happens a few times each year for work and for pleasure. Most of the time I use the airport’s valet parking service. It’s easier than remembering where I left my car. Yes, I’m that lazy. But after the parking situation I experienced last week, I won’t be back. Ever.

What’s that got to do with streamed music and its superiority over physical media like CDs? Good question. Here’s my better answer.

Streamed media is more difficult to steal.

See, when I drove in to the valet parking I was listening to my new Five Finger Death Punch CD. It was new to me and I’d been listening to it all week since receiving it as a gift—thanks Mum … you rock. When I left the valet parking several days later though, I was without CD.

Long story short, it seems someone else liked the Five Finger Death Punch CD too. More than I’d liked it during my trip away at least. It’s clearly my fault. I’d neglected the CD. Perhaps it left on its own accord in an attempt to find a more dedicated owner. Nobody knows. Certainly the airport valet parking service don’t know. To them it was a case of “We had a look. Can’t find it. What can we say?”

Either way, I’ve realised in the time since trying to get my music back and failing that if I’d instead purchased a digital copy of this album this wouldn’t have happened. Sure, someone could steal my phone. Someone could even hack my digital music account. But eventually I’d get access back. And that alone is an improvement. Also, I can still listen to the media on my computer at home if I’ve had my phone stolen. I can even do the same at work—with headphones to protect the weak and feeble.

It’s much easier to take all of music with me when it’s digital too. Have you ever tried carrying the CDs for several bands from home to your car and then to work?! It’s not fun. It’s not cool. It’s just inconvenient.

So for me, it seems the CD is now dead. It’s a difficult transition for me as I’ve been a huge fan of physical media since first purchasing a record and a cassette. But I’m not keen to go through this loss of physical belonging again. It ruins my musical experience. Just like having an empty CD case does.

Funny final note. My favourite song on the Five Finger Death Punch CD that I’d been enjoying—I’ve Got Your Six—is Wash It All Away. If you’re familiar with that song, you may appreciate the coincidence that is the opening line of lyrics in that track.

“I’ve given up on society”

I was just about there. Luckily, the joy that digital music has given me in the days since the drama began has made things better. Maybe I can do the same for you by sharing my favourite Five Finger Death Punch song now. Digitally of course.


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