Songs that say “Go!” (at least seven of them if we’re counting)

Well look at that. March is getting closer to ending and I’ve not written anything on this site since the year started. Slack! Lazy! Unmotivated! Well all that changes now because I’ve found a theme in certain rock songs that motivates me. These are the songs where the vocalist chooses the most opportune time to yell something motivational. These are songs that say Go!

It’s not always delivered at the same moment in a song, but the result for me is always the same. It’s the sign to get the fist-pump of awesomeness ready. The scream of approval for the epicness that is about to come. The customary heavy banging of the head. The attempt to thrust your foot through the floor. All of these uncontrollable moments. The band knows it, you know it. The vocalist authenticates it.

These are some of my favourite “Go!” moments. These will surely get me pumped enough to finally get back into the swing of things.

Things being guitar playing, blogging and music-creating on a regular basis.

One of the most common places to throw the old “Go!” line is after the guitar-intro. The song has started, the band is rocking, but they all know there is epicness on the way. They feel it. You feel it. “Go!” lets you know it. Here’s some of my favourite “Go!” intros.

Slipknot—Before I Forget

I love how the entire band stops at the beginning of this song allowing the “Go!” to be the only thing heard in that brief moment between hugeness and epicness. After the intro sets the tone and pace, this song rarely lets up.

Five Finger Death Punch—Under And Over It

Five Finger Death Punch even throw in a leading “Yeah …” to that setup. “Yeah … Go!”

It’s awesome. The song absolutely kicks it up a notch after the “Go!” line. Actually, the song barely slows down at all after the “Go!” moment. Very few songs that use this technique do. I think it’s a requirement of using “Go!” (let’s just say it is and accept that to be true).

Trivium—Brave This Storm

This is a more traditional instance of the “Go!” lyric setup. It signifies that the building of the song has reached it’s tipping point. There are layers in the song and they all kick in after that awesome “Go!” vocal. It’s excellence. So is Brave This Storm by Trivium actually.

Not all songs however use this technique to signify the beginning of the song’s epicness. Some songs start in a fashion so brutal that the use of “Go!” is done after the only real slow point in a song later on. The technique seems to signify a recognition that there was a slight ease in the metal madness that can only be reignited with a massive “Go!”

Korn—Freak On A Leash

This is one of may all-time-favourite songs that uses the “Go!” technique. It’s right after what I’ll call the vocal solo and intoduces a truly huge reintroduction of the massive metal tones this song has going on. The video helps sell the tone shift too. Great stuff.


I love the subtle use of the “Go!” technique in this song by Godsmack. The song slows, but the riffage is always awesome. The moment is captured perfectly between subtle use of the riff and all-encompassing band approach to the same riff. Awesomesauce.

Bullet For My Valentine—Army Of Noise

Apart from kicking that song back into the second round of hugeness, Bullet For My Valentine did something else with that track. They also let you know a guitar solo was coming. This is the next often-used technique for the “Go!” technique. For example … Metallica‘s famous cover of the song Am I Evil? has the pre-solo “Go!” kick in at the 5:20 mark. And Kirk sure does go for it. I’m not aware of an official video for that one. So trust me on it.

There are some bands that are so into their own musical mastery that they know a single “Go!” just isn’t going to cut it. Some songs have the kick-starting “Go!” and the no-time-for-slowing-down now instance of “Go!”. Example?

Stone Temple Pilots—Down

Yes. Stone Temple Pilots nailed their use of “Go!”. There’s the start the song instance and the start the solo instance. Brilliant song. It makes perfect sense.

Other songs that use the “Go!” technique

The following songs also feature the use of the “Go!” technique. Beginning? End? Pre-solo? Multiple instances? You check and find out. It’ll be fun. I promise.

  • My Chemical Romance—This Is How I Disappear
  • Bullet For My Valentine—Eye Of The Storm

There have to be more. They all are surely amazing. Why? Because of all the songs I’ve found/remembered, they all that one thing in common (apart from the obvious use of “Go!”). They all rock! You can’t throw “Go!” into a lame song. It won’t work. The audience will know it and the artist will sure as heck know it. If there’s a lame song with “Go!” in it, I’d love to know. If there’s another song I’ve not covered, I’d also love to know. After all, this is now my motivational playlist. Comments welcome.


Like this article? Want to see and hear more tracks that feature the line “Go!”? I’ve got you covered. Here’s five more videos for you to Go and enjoy.

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