More songs that say “Go!”

Back in the beginning of 2017, I wrote a short article on songs that say “Go!”. I wrote that article after doing nothing on my site for months. This year I’m starting much earlier with my blog content creation and I’m generally more motivated. That’s what makes a revamped “Go!” playlist that much more appealing to me. I’m excited!

Let’s “Go!”

Before I do get into the new entries, I wanted to point out a few things.

Firstly, what does a song that says “Go!” involve? Well that’s easy—because I mentioned that in my original article.

These are the songs where the vocalist chooses the most opportune time to yell something motivational. These are songs that say Go!

I said that back in 2017

Secondly, the original article featured seven embedded YouTube videos as a way of highlighting what my list looked like when it was originally created. Since then, the list has grown to almost 40 different tracks. I can’t embed all of those. What I’m therefore hoping to do is share the Google Play Music playlist I’ve created—yes, I am not a Spotify user. If that works, there will be a link at the end of this article.

Finally, you can often discover the new tracks as I find them by using the Twitter hashtag I created for this list/experiment. That hashtag is #songsthatsaygo.

Now, onto some of the recent additions to the list. Displayed in the best way to enjoy them fully—video.

Of Mice & Men—Unbreakable

Of Mice & Men currently have a few tracks in my list. They’re quite good at the “Go!” lyric. They’ve used it at the beginning of a song as well as towards the end. This song uses it towards the end. It uses it well.


Ah, Metallica. Quite possibly the first band I ever noticed use the “Go!” technique—on their cover of ‘Am I Evil?’ by Diamond Head. Their latest release—at the time of writing this post—almost sees a return to the Metallica of old. This sees them reusing the inspiring “Go!” lyric to perfection.

Fight the Fury—Dominate Me

This track by Fight the Fury probably uses the “Go!” lyric more times in the one song than any other track I’ve discovered does. It’s a great track and is full-on from start to finish. Excellent riffing.

Kingdom of Giants—Damaged Goods

This is an awesome track. Listening to it just makes me hope Kingdom of Giants have more to come in 2020. Anyhow, they use the “Go!” lyric to add some oomph towards the end of the track when the song’s main riff explodes to life in the space an older metal band would have thrown the token guitar solo in. I’m all for letting a great riff shine like this.

Wage War—Who I Am

Who I Am. This was easily my favourite single track released in 2019. It’s also the most impressive use of “Go!” that I have in my list. This song kicks off nicely and then … “Go!”—the song becomes epic from that point in the intro through to the end of the song. Just an amazing track.

It’s worth pointing out that Wage War have seven tracks in my list. They’re owning the use of the “Go!” lyric and they’re doing it with pride. I say “Why not?” as it’s working for them just as well as it’s working for every other band utilising this impressive lyric/vocal technique.

I remain motivated. Hopefully this playlist will do the same for you.

The full list

My Google Play Music “Go!” playlist. I hope you enjoy it.

If you know of a song that isn’t in my full list, feel free to let me know in the comments below or on social media. I check that virtual world on a daily basis.

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