Even more songs that say “Go!”

Truth be told, when I made my initial article/list for Songs that say “Go!”, I had no idea how many songs I’d end up with in my playlist. After the second article, I figured “Well, that must be just about all of them”.

All I can say now as I begin this third article is that I was wrong. This list could get quite large. To prove that point, here’s several more additions to the list for your listening and viewing pleasure.

As per the previous articles in this series—with three articles, I’m calling this a series—I’ll embed some tracks from the list I’m collating. I’m trying to embed tracks that either have official videos or something from that other popular trend of late … lyric or official audio videos.

Let’s have at it! Or as these songs would say … Go!

Bullet for my Valentine—Your Betrayal

Bullet for my Valentine already feature in this list. Luckily for us, they’re quite good as this whole “Go!” thing. Your Betrayal is no exception. I do wonder how many speeds this band has though. They seem to know fast, faster and I bet you can’t play this (which continually blows my mind).

Jane’s Addiction—Stop

This track treats the use of the word “Go!” a little more subtly than most other tracks in this ongoing list. This track incorporates the use of the “Go!” line into the other lyrics in the same line. Still, the effect is the same when “Go!” is yelled … the song kicks it up a notch.

Lamb of God—Ruin

Ruin uses the “Go!” lyric in a more traditional way. It’s also one of my favourite techniques to hear in a metal track. the vocalist yells “Go!”, the song changes instantly and the song takes itself to another level. This song does it perfectly. “Go!”, drum break, riff kicks in and the song enters the land of epic.

Machine Head—A Thousand Lies

Another track where the use of the word “Go!” takes the intro of the song from one level to another. I love the initial riff on this track. It would be easy for the entire song to remain brutal if the initial tempo remained. But once the word “Go!” is yelled, the song goes into overdrive.

Of Mice & Men—Mushroom Cloud

Of Mice & Men is one of the few bands that features multiple times in this list. I can understand why they continue to include this vocal technique in their songs—they’re exceptionally good at it. The song is awesome at the beginning, but once “Go!” is screamed, the layers get added and the sound of the track becomes brutal.

Thy Art is Murder—Slaves Beyond Death

Slaves Beyond Death is another track that wastes no time getting to the “Go!” line that takes the metal from heavy to brutal. I feel sorry for the drummer for the majority of this track. I’d need a rest after playing this track.

Trivium—What the Dead Men Say

This isn’t Trivium‘s first time in this list. I honestly hope it’s not their last. They’re excellent at this whole “Go!” thing. At the time of writing this article, this track is a recent release as well. It seems Trivium have no intention of slowing down. I for one am very happy with that.


Wage War—Alive

The final entry in this article is another band not afraid to continually use the “Go!” lyric. In the list I’ve put together, nobody features more than Wage War. In my opinion, nobody does this better either.

There you have it. Another collection of motivating “Go!” tracks from some awesome metal bands. Now that this is the third article in a series, I’ll follow shortly with a complete list so it’s easier to keep up.

Don’t forget, you can also keep track of the tracks as I discover them on Twitter. as far as I know, I’m the only one using #songsthatsaygo on Twitter. Send suggestions there if you know of an obvious track I’ve potentially missed.

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