Another 52 Guitars, week 15—Lionheart Guitars Balkatora Eye of Kala IV

If you’ve been reading the articles in this series, you’ll know I’m looking at guitars that have something unique—when compared to my own current collection’s feature set. Well, today’s guitar ticks more boxes than any previous guitar in this series.I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a guitar this unique.

Let’s take a look at the Balkatora-Eye of Kala IV by Lionheart Guitars.

The first obvious difference this guitar has to any mainstream guitar is the epoxy/resin finish. I’m assuming that is how the beautiful blue areas in the guitar are created. Whatever the technique, it compliments the mahogany body perfectly.

I also love the wood finish that has been included for the control knob on the guitar and the pickups. I’m generally not a wood finish guitar lover, but damn … this guitar is just beautiful.

If you haven’t noticed the design of the fretboard, check that out. The 12th fret marker is beautiful and the way the blue filters out into the frets either side of the 12th fret … more beauty.

From a tech perspective, I love the 7 strings and the brass nut and bridge. I also have huge admiration and respect for the fact the the pickups and bridge are created by Lionheart Guitars as well.

I’m a fan of the reversed headstock as well. The way the strings stay so straight after they go through the nut to the machine heads … perfect.

In regards to sound, I did manage to locate a video of a very similar model—I assume it’s an earlier model of the Balkatora – Eye of Kala. It looks very similar and sounds …

Aweome. It sounds awesome.

This guitar seems very playable and incredibly wall-hangable. It’s a piece of art. There you have it. Another week—almost—another guitar added to this year’s wish list.

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