Lightning Guitar Picks—LED impact plectrums

Quite often I’ll be scrolling through my Twitter feed—the same could be said for Instagram or Facebook—and I’ll come across some new piece of guitar gear/technology that makes me say “Oh, that’s new!”

When I do this, it’s out loud and my wife either says “What’s new?” or “If it’s guitar-related, you don’t need it”. When I try to explain what’s new, she rarely cares. When I showed her the video that PLB World had posted of their lightning guitar picks—impact activated LED plectrums—she agreed that this was indeed something she’d not seen before.

Yay! I could continue perusing 🙂

Luckily for me, when I commented on the plectrum’s Twitter post/video, the kind folks at PLB World offered to send me a plectrum to try out. I jumped at the chance and can say, the plectrum is great fun. Obviously it’s mostly a novelty for me, but the plectrum actually works well, plays well and if nothing else, makes me smile when I use it.

Let’s look at some pictures to show how the plectrum arrived and worked in the packaging.

I may have tested the plectrum quite a bit before opening the packaging. The novelty was very appealing to me.

Once out of the packaging though, the novelty factor increased. It’s a thick plectrum—which I like these days—and it’s relatively easy to grip. The shape is one that I prefer as well. Depending on your playing style, you may have three picking surfaces to attempt to wear out before you can no longer use the plectrum.

I’m not sure how many uses the LED gives you before it stops working, but I have a feeling you’d be able to use the plectrum for ages before that became a problem.

It’s easier to see and understand outside of the packaging.

It’s seriously difficult to photograph when the LED goes off though. My timing is terrible and the LED lights up for the shortest period. That’s a good thing when you’re playing the guitar with this plectrum though. Too long and the light would always be on—depending on your picking style obviously.

Generally, the old saying goes ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. This article so far is therefore worth over six thousand words. Imagine how much content this article would be worth if there was a supporting video? I don’t know that content-math, but I do know there is a video. You’re welcome?

Lightning Guitar Picks—a video demo

I had a lot of fun playing with the lightning guitar pick. I also enjoyed playing guitar while standing up again. There’s a reason for that and I’ll hopefully write about that in the coming days. I’m happy to be getting my guitar mojo back. Just in time for 2020.

2 thoughts on “Lightning Guitar Picks—LED impact plectrums

  1. I love the PBL Lighting Guitar Pick. It is fun to play with and seem like a great teaching tool for others to follow your strumming pattern. It is a good size and great for guitar and bass. Very fun product that make others say wow what’s that? Very cool pick, I’ve never seen anything like it.

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