Lightning Guitar Picks—LED impact plectrums

Quite often I’ll be scrolling through my Twitter feed—the same could be said for Instagram or Facebook—and I’ll come across some new piece of guitar gear/technology that makes me say “Oh, that’s new!”

When I do this, it’s out loud and my wife either says “What’s new?” or “If it’s guitar-related, you don’t need it”. When I try to explain what’s new, she rarely cares. When I showed her the video that PLB World had posted of their lightning guitar picks—impact activated LED plectrums—she agreed that this was indeed something she’d not seen before.

Yay! I could continue perusing 🙂

Lightning Guitar Picks—LED impact plectrums

Lifeblood Ultimate Blood Drop plectrums

A couple of years ago I wrote about the Lifeblood Lexan Cut Throat plectrum by Lifeblood Guitar Picks. I was intrigued by the unique shape that plectrum had. Now there’s a new option called the Ultimate Blood Drop and it’s a lot cooler in my opinion. This is a plectrum I could easily use on a regular basis. Mostly because I think this particular shape makes playing the guitar with a plectrum easier.

Winning. Lifeblood Ultimate Blood Drop plectrums

Chicken Picks—Not scary at all

Recently I purchased one of each variety from the Chicken Picks range. That’s three from the Original Series and four from the Tritone III Series. I have to say they take some getting used to, but once you do, they may become your plectrum of choice—if you are interested in incredibly long lasting and easy to grip plectrums that is. I honestly think that there has to be one plectrum from the seven I tried that will suit everyone. It all comes down to playing style I believe.

By the way, I was going to call this a scary review. You know, because I’m using the name Scarebear. But I realised the review isn’t scary. It’s rather normal actually. Unlike the Chicken Picks plectrums. They’re not normal. They’re better than that. But not scary. Not scary at all.

Chicken Picks—Not scary at all

Fellow plectrums—Sturdy and colourful Australian plectrums

I recently came across Fellow Plectrums on Instagram. They had quite a few plectrum options including some black and white picks. Yes! Plectrums I could relate to. Upon checking out their profile on Instagram I noticed they were located in Australia. So am I. This made me realise that we were fellow Aussies. For that line alone I knew I had to try their plectrums. Fellow plectrums—Sturdy and colourful Australian plectrums

New B&W plectrums from PlecPicker

Earlier this year I wrote about the glow-in-the-dark plectrums from Now the folks at PlecPicker have released a new range of plectrums that once again include free shipping (global). That’s awesome. The new range appeals to me greatly and there are a few reasons for that. Firstly, the new range is slightly thinner at .71mm. Secondly, the new plectrums have a different texture with increased grip. Thirdly and most importantly, the new plectrums are black and white. Perfect plectrums for this little website. New B&W plectrums from PlecPicker

Record Picks—Make music out of music

I discovered Record Picks on Twitter. To be honest when I first read about their plectrums I was more interested in the cool factor of plectrums made out of old albums than anything else. I knew I had to get some to improve my own cool factor. I needed to be cool by association. What I didn’t know was how impressed I’d be by the plectrums themselves. Actually, I’ve since forgotten about trying to seem cooler than I am. I’m just happy knowing I’ve got some seriously impressive little picks! Record Picks—Make music out of music

PlecPicker plectrums

For Christmas I treated myself to some PlecPicker plectrums. I discovered PlecPicker on Twitter and was instantly drawn to their glow-in-the-dark plectrums. Do you know how many plectrums I’ve lost in the dark?! Heaps is how many. Not anymore thank you very much. These plectrums glow an awesome green!

Of course you’ll not really see what I’m talking about on this website because green isn’t allowed here. All colours are banned. The black and white image below does show how with the lights out all you can see is the plectrums. It’s that simple. They glow. You don’t lose plectrums. PlecPicker plectrums

GuitarMoose plectrums

Recently I was lucky enough to get my hands on some of the GuitarMoose offerings. I was drawn to this company by a few things. First, their name. Then their logo (I love an interesting logo) followed by their products—StickyDots, StickyGrip plectrums and SoftGrip plectrums. After trying out all three products, I have to say I’m impressed. GuitarMoose plectrums