PlecPicker plectrums

For Christmas I treated myself to some PlecPicker plectrums. I discovered PlecPicker on Twitter and was instantly drawn to their glow-in-the-dark plectrums. Do you know how many plectrums I’ve lost in the dark?! Heaps is how many. Not anymore thank you very much. These plectrums glow an awesome green!

Of course you’ll not really see what I’m talking about on this website because green isn’t allowed here. All colours are banned. The black and white image below does show how with the lights out all you can see is the plectrums. It’s that simple. They glow. You don’t lose plectrums.

Obviously there’s more to a plectrum than its ability to provide its own light. Luckily I found the PlecPicker plectrums easy to hold as well. The branding on the plectrums is raised enough for me to get a grip on the plectrum and not lose it on account of my oily skin. The 1.0mm thickness is thicker than I normally use as well, but I still found the plectrum comfortable and easy to use. In fact, this is now my go-to plectrum for the limited bass playing I’m doing.

Care to see what these plectrums look like in living colour? No worries. I shared the full colour images on my Tumblr Blog. Enjoy. I know I’m enjoying the plectrums.

PlecPicker plectrums with the lights on, then off
PlecPicker plectrums with the lights on, then off

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