Fellow Plectrums Gorilla Grip jazz plectrums

When I realised I was close to releasing this new version of the Scarebear website, I knew the first new article I posted in colour had to involve a vivid and wide range of colours. Nothing is more colourful than the range of Gorilla Grip jazz plectrums from Fellow Plectrums. Not only are they colourful, they’re awesome plectrums. Handy right?

The Gorilla Grip plectrum range is as wide as the colour options. The reason for that is that each colour is a different gauge (making it dead easy to remember which gauge and plectrum is your favourite once you’ve worked that out). Not only are there gauge options, there are also size options. Each gauge comes in small (SM) or extra large (XL).There’s a Gorilla Grip plectrum to suit all needs it seems.

The range of Gorilla Grip plectrums looks like this:

  • 1.14mm (purple)
  • 1.0mm (blue)
  • 0.88mm (green)
  • 0.73mm (yellow)
  • 0.6mm (orange)
  • 0.5mm (red)

As mentioned earlier, each of those is available in XL or SM.

The difference between these plectrums and the earlier range of Fellow Plectrums (which I’ve already tried and written about) is the plectrum material. As I had mentioned in my previous Fellow Plectrums article, the original plectrums were a smooth plastic finish. Mighty fine plectrums, but not my preferred plectrum material. These Gorilla Grip plectrums are Delrin (which is a trademarked DuPont product). The feel is very smooth, but dry which I love. The grip is just awesome. I can play with these plectrums for a long time and they don’t feel like they’re becoming slippery. That is very useful.

The biggest issue for me? Choice. There’s so much. Six gauges and each available in SM and XL. I think I prefer the 1.0mm SM the most. I’d love to see what the 1.14mm SM plectrum feels like to be honest. It’s the only plectrum from the range I didn’t buy. Next time. Because I believe I’ll be going back again one day for more.

Take a look at some of the photographs I took of these plectrums. Colourful right?!

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