Dialtone Pickups—travelling guitar video review

Skanky Dave and the Bumpin Uglies is one of the bands chosen to receive the Dialtone Pickups travelling guitar. That’s such an awesome band name. Anyway, Silky Dave and Skank (himself) have given us some great video content to ogle and listen to featuring the Dialtone Pickups travelling guitar. Look and listen …

Cool right?! I loved the tones I was hearing in that video. I also really like the style of music being played. That’s my kind of music which means the Dialtone Pickups are going to work a treat for my needs. My Schecter Omen 6 is going to become a much more attractive guitar in the coming months.

I’m excited. More than before.

Oh, if you have no idea what the Dialtone Pickups travelling guitar was all about, it was a demo guitar that the DialTone Pickups team shipped across the USA from one guitar blogger/vlogger to the next. That would have been a great project to have been a part of.

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