… New URL, new colours, same lack of content.

I recently became aware of a new trend on the Interweb. Colour. Some people refer to it is color, but that’s OK. You can’t be right all the time. I’ve always prided myself on keeping up with the times and at times being somewhat of an Interweb pioneer. Keeping that fiction in mind, today I introduce the all new Scarebear website. There are many changes. You’ve hopefully noticed some already. Read on if you care and I’ll share the amazing details with you. I might also start explaining the details using actual facts and less fiction.


Obviously colour has been around for ages. That’s a truth. As long as the Interweb (or Internet if you will) has existed, colour has been an option. For the last two years however I have refused to let it onto the Scarebear website. I had my reasons for this, but they were primarily these two:

  • I love black and white
  • I wanted to see how effective a totally black and white website could be

The experiment was fun and I still love black and white. But the more I delve into this wonderful world of guitars, the more I realise my writing skills are not enough to get across the brilliance colour brings to some gear (guitars, pedals, amplifiers and iOS software alike). With the introduction of colour I’ve probably also increased the word count for each article on account of an image having the weight of 1000 words. I’m pretty sure black and white images only carry a weight of 650 words.

Sorry. I’ve gone back to my own kind of fiction.

Another change to the Scarebear website is the design and content delivery system. I’m back in WordPress and I’ve gone responsive for the first time. If you’re perusing this website on your old iPhone 4S like I now do, you can put your magnifying glass away. Readable text without horizontal scrolling! You’re welcome.

I’ll confess something though. This is a purchased theme. I feel a little bit dirty admitting this because this is the first time in well over 10 years that I haven’t designed and developed my own website/theme. I did create a responsive website shell, but converting it to WordPress was taking valuable time from my writing and guitar playing. You may be thinking that that’s no big loss, but it meant a lot to me.

Finally, the URL. If you’ve been here before, you have been to Now you’re on Did you notice? Probably not and that’s OK. Why? The URL is also another piece of fiction. I don’t really rock. It’s just a URL I knew I had to have. I hope you enjoy it and the new website design/content. There’s plenty more to come. Content that is.

Update for 2020 … the domain is still there (it redirects). I’ve gone back to my origins and am using again. Colour remains 🙂

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