Fellow plectrums—Sturdy and colourful Australian plectrums

I recently came across Fellow Plectrums on Instagram. They had quite a few plectrum options including some black and white picks. Yes! Plectrums I could relate to. Upon checking out their profile on Instagram I noticed they were located in Australia. So am I. This made me realise that we were fellow Aussies. For that line alone I knew I had to try their plectrums.

I headed to their Fellow Plectrums BigCartel shop and became impressed by their plectrum range. Obviously I remain a fan of all things black and white, but I still knew I had to try the entire range. So I ordered some of each weight/colour. Then I waited. Luckily I didn’t wait for long because they were shipped and received quickly. So far, so good. Then I tried the plectrums and decided that they were not only good to look at, but they were sturdy too. Nice!

If I was on Twitter right now I’d say #forthewin (but I’m not on Twitter, so I’ll stick with Nice!)

The plectrums come in 1.2mm, 1.0mm, 0.9mm and 0.8mm thicknesses and various colours. The more I try different plectrums the more I am starting to admire heavier gauges. I’d say my favourite thickness in the Fellow Plectrums range is the 0.9mm (which is conveniently the black and white range). Lucky me. I also like that all Fellow Plectrums picks feature a silhouette of a bearded man. I’m a bearded man! As I mentioned earlier, these are picks I can relate to (for multiple reasons now).

The current range of Fellow Plectrums picks are all of the smooth finish variety. I’m hoping they introduce a matt finish range/option one day. There’s nothing wrong with the current finish mind you. I just love to have options. Plus if they introduce a new material, I’ll have reason to purchase more plectrums for my collection. And that I would look forward to. Fingers crossed.

Fellow plectrums
Fellow plectrums

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