GuitarMoose plectrums

Recently I was lucky enough to get my hands on some of the GuitarMoose offerings. I was drawn to this company by a few things. First, their name. Then their logo (I love an interesting logo) followed by their products—StickyDots, StickyGrip plectrums and SoftGrip plectrums. After trying out all three products, I have to say I’m impressed.

The StickyGrip plectrums took some getting used to. The padded grip is somewhat sticky (but not so sticky it becomes tacky and uncomfortable) and feels thicker than your average plectrum. After using it for a while though I realised that the plectrum hadn’t moved in my hand. Instead of readjusting the plectrum from time to time I was able to focus on my pick holding technique and my picking technique. It turns out I need to work on both of those things.

The SoftGrip plectrums have a similar feel in regards to plectrum thickness, but they don’t have the same tactile finish. Still, they do an amazing job of allowing you to maintain plectrum positioning while you play for lengthy periods of time without the need for a plectrum readjustment.

The StickyDots allow you to apply the same sticky and padded grip as the StickyGrip plectrum to one of your existing plectrums. I chose to add the StickyDots to one of my Grover Allman custom Scarebear plectrums. Once again, there was a period of time that required adjustment. And just as I discovered with the StickyGrip and SoftGrip plectrums, I found myself not readjusting the plectrum each time I changed playing style (down strokes, alternate picking and the regular sloppy picking I’m famous* for).

I’d say my favourite plectrum from the three I tested was the SoftGrip. The only negative (if you’d like to call this a negative) was the ratio of exposed plectrum to padded plectrum. I like to use very little of the plectrum so I’d prefer either a smaller plectrum or more padding than exposed plectrum. Having said that, I’ve noticed that GuitarMoose sell a StickyGrip Mini Carbon Fiber plectrum. That sounds right up my alley. Which is good, because it’s just about time for Christmas!

* I use the word famous loosely. I’m the most famous guitar player in my house. I’m also the only guitar player in my house.

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