BeatBuddy—world’s first guitar pedal drum machine

Today Singular Sound released BeatBuddy—the world’s first guitar pedal drum machine. This pedal may just change the way you look at small venue performances, gigging, rehearsing or song writing. Simply put, this guitar pedal allows you to manipulate prerecorded drum tracks with the ease of many guitarists’ favourite tool—a foot switch.

While you’re playing your guitar (and/or singing) you can start/stop the drum tracks with one foot. But that’s not all this handy little guitar pedal allows you to do. This pedal also allows you to:

  • play the verse track
  • play the verse fill
  • play the chorus track
  • play the chorus fill
  • add cymbal crashes or hand claps
  • switch easily between these tracks with ease.

All with one foot on one pedal. Awesome.

If you’re still wanting more, this pedal looks like it will offer more. For example, the pedal will ship with ten drum sets and over 200 tracks to choose from. The pedal will also integrate with MIDI. It just keeps getting better.

So how do you get one of these pedals? Well that’s the cool part. Singular Sound have just launched the BeatBuddy Indiegogo page where you can help get this product off the ground (and onto the stage where it belongs). The first 500 orders will get this pedal for just $179USD. After that, these bad boys will retail for $350USD. The final piece of good news for this new pedal is this … After the launch, Singular Sound will be hosting a forum for BeatBuddy users to share their customs beats and drum sets.

This could just be the perfect Christmas present for all guitarists. I sure hope my family reads this.

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