Lifeblood Ultimate Blood Drop plectrums

A couple of years ago I wrote about the Lifeblood Lexan Cut Throat plectrum by Lifeblood Guitar Picks. I was intrigued by the unique shape that plectrum had. Now there’s a new option called the Ultimate Blood Drop and it’s a lot cooler in my opinion. This is a plectrum I could easily use on a regular basis. Mostly because I think this particular shape makes playing the guitar with a plectrum easier.


Just as the Lexan Cut Throat was a unique shape that fit your index finger and thumb to aid in plectrum grip, the Ultimate Blood Drop is designed for improved grip and picking ease. In my honest opinion, this new shape does a much better job of it all though. The picking edge has been refined and feels more naturally like a standard plectrum when in use. The curved surface is once again a great fit for the natural feel of a plectrum grip and the grooved surface just makes the plectrum even easier to hold onto.

With all of these features aiding your grip, you actually need to hold onto the plectrum with less force than a standard plectrum. That’s awesome—especially if you’re older and arthritic. Guitar time just got easier.

The plectrums are made from Nyloil which is an oil based nylon. The plectrum itself however does not feel oily though. It also becomes somewhat flexible as it warms meaning the more you’re playing with it the more it seems to mold to your individual grip.

Regular followers of my Facebook and Instagram accounts are probably aware that I like to collect plectrums. I have to say, this one just moved into my favourites list. I could use this plectrum regularly with ease. Because ease is really what this pick is all about.

Check out the imagery below to see the Ultimate Blood Drop (it’s the yellow plectrum) in action.

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